Back in a Bathing Suit after 7 years...3 Stones Gone FOREVER!

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  1. TrimmerMe

    TrimmerMe Full Member

    OK! I couldn't wait until I lost that ONE last pound before I reached my goal to post this. I'm too excited to share and tell. I'm a mother of three, still in my 20's, and I just lost 42 pounds to date. That's approximately 3 stones. I know that doesn't seem like a lot compared to many of your accomplishments, but for me it was a mountain.

    I was very athletic growing up and never really had any weight issues. Then I got married, then I got pregnant, and then I got pregnant 2 more times after that. I let the busyness of life and sad excuses take over my health and fitness. After my third baby, I was overweight, frumpy, and I hadn't seen my feet in 2 years!

    It was definitely time for a change. And change I did. There's the "slowly but surely" way of doing things and then there's the "Enough's enough, let's whip this fat butt into shape ASAP" way of doing things. I chose the latter. I knew what I had to do. I knew the things I had to give up. I knew what I needed to get done to get where I wanted to be.

    I made the ultimate decision to start losing weight and to get back to pre-baby shape on May 2011. In just under four months, I finally did it. That may seem like a short amount of time to lose a considerable amount of weight, but I did it the healthy and natural way. No pills, no fad diets, no boxed meals, and no starving myself. Just ate healthier, ate smaller portions, worked out, and said no to everyday temptations.

    One of the best parts to losing the weight is doing it while still being able to enjoy the foods I love. This is what my "diet" consisted of...


    Everything in moderation.

    I knew I had the power to change, I knew it was in me to change. I just had to take that first step and make the decision to change. I've finally made eating healthy a lifestyle and learned to stop eating when I was full. I stopped obliging myself to finish my children's left overs during meals or to over indulge to the point where my stomach felt like it was about to pop. Remember, you don't always have to empty your plate....that's what a doggy bag is for.

    So without further ado, I bring you a healthier, fitter, trimmer Me!




    We can all achieve what we've set out to do. Always stay motivated, stay committed, and never give up!

    [​IMG][​IMG]~Rachel Joy
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  3. BlueCow

    BlueCow Silver Member

    Well done you look amazing:D

    Although you are sooo pretty either way!!
  4. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

    Hey well done, I love how you achieved 3st in 4 mos without depriving yourself!
  5. TrimmerMe

    TrimmerMe Full Member

    What a sweet compliment...:thankyou:
  6. TrimmerMe

    TrimmerMe Full Member

    It really is a lot easier to make something a lifestyle when it involves foods and activities you like...Thanks for stopping by!
  7. CaliSweden

    CaliSweden Silver Member

    Great job and congratulations! You look great!
  8. TrimmerMe

    TrimmerMe Full Member

    Thanks...I feel great!
  9. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

    You look fantastic, and so happy!! I have 3 kids also, have decided enough is enough.. xx
  10. happypear

    happypear Full Member

    You are gorgeous anyway, but you are glowing in your after pics! What a fantastic achievement, well done :D.

    It's taken me double that time to lose the same amount of weight so all I can say is you must have worked so hard. You should be proud of yourself.
  11. shrinkingannie

    shrinkingannie Gold Member

    Well done you look amazing, and I bet you feel fantastic. After this baby (no. 3) Im going to get to goal too - its a priority!!
  12. Georgia...

    Georgia... Full Member

    Wow well done you look fab!
  13. FatmanSlimming

    FatmanSlimming Full Member

    Congratulations and Very well done. The last time I was on a beach in a bathing suit Greenpeace kept trying to drag me in the water saying they they were saving me.
  14. Ruth_Harris

    Ruth_Harris Just keep swimming

    Thats an amazing achievement! I hope on day i can share a success story like yours! well done!
  15. x_Ellie_x

    x_Ellie_x Full Member

    Congrats hun, you do look stunning either way, though you seem more confident in the pictures of you now :)
  16. TrimmerMe

    TrimmerMe Full Member

    Thanks. First step is always making that ultimate decision then following through with it...good luck on your journey!
  17. TrimmerMe

    TrimmerMe Full Member

    You can and you will! Looking forward to your success!
  18. elivan

    elivan WON'T GIVE UP

    looking very good:D

    i'm kinda doing the same like your diet it's very hard if you QUIT eating any foods that you use to like. I actually cheat 3-4 times a month and still LOSE WEIGHT:) like you said all in MODERATION

  19. Alsmum

    Alsmum Full Member

    You look great, enjoy the sense of achievement.
  20. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    What a great post and such fantastic photo's well done, you are impressive.
  21. Emma123

    Emma123 Full Member

    You look great! :)

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