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Back on the road to the magic slimdom - Roosters Road trip

Hello everyone!!

My name's Lizzie and I'm an eataholic. :wave_cry:


I'm on day two of Lighter Life and I've got 95lbs to lose. I've decided to keep a diary of my weight loss after reading some of the success stories on MiniMins - They are so fabulous! I've still got lots more to get through but each one of you that has lost so much weight, I applaud you!! and I also want to thank you for sharing your stories because i truly feel inspired and motivated (almost to the point where i want to throw myself to the floor Waynes World style and chant 'we're not worthy, we're not worth')! hehe

So, a little bit about me.. I'm a 25 year old Mummy to a beautiful 13 month old Girl called Evelyn, and a fantastic girlfriend (hehe I'm bigging me up now ((hehe 'bigging' that's a pun i ever i saw one!)) to a wonderful chap called Johnny!

I've always been overweight to varying degrees since I was a teenager. I went through some very difficult patches when i was younger and managed to 'comfort' eat myself up to well over 16 stone when I was just 16 years old.

When I hit 18 I started the slim fast diet and managed to lose 3 stone and was comfortable at this weight for a few years. Although at 13 stones my bmi is still too high, I felt happy at that weight. I carried it well and was a curvy size 16, the size that I was when I met my partner.

The first few months that we were together were fantastic.. totally in love and we had little time for eating - We spent lots of long lazy days just walking for miles or cycling for miles and I lost another stone without thinking about it and I realised that I could feel so much healthier and look so much better if I wasn't carrying the extra weight! I'd spent all my life being overweight and I was finally realizing that my 13 stone 'comfort zone' was just that and it was time to make some more changes!!

And boy did we make some changes, but not the way we were planning! Enter Evelyn!! I found out I was pregnant :eek: . a huge shock but we were thrilled, totally besotted with our little 'dot' and the long walks turned into short strolls and the bikes got put in the shed. Then the food loving monster that I am took over and now I had the best reason (excuse) in the world to eat, when, where ever, what ever I wanted! Guilt free too, because the extra cake, burger, takeaway was for the baby, not me.. hehe for 10 months (whoever said it takes 9 months is lying) I sat serenely eating myself up to 18 stone, all in the name of pregnancy.

And then she was born.. all 7lbs 3 oz of her.. Uh Oh, by my reckoning (obviously knocking off something for the weight of my waters) she should've weighed 5 stone!! (lol)

Since she was born my little family have lived in this little bubble of love and pleasures!! denying ourselves nothing (food and drink wise) loving nothing better than to curl up together and eat our favourite foods or drink lots of red wine (not Evie, she prefers milk) On a positive note, at least I enjoyed myself getting fat lol

Just lately though I've noticed that I'm getting out of breath, that I don't have anything to wear, and that I'm missing the old me. I also have this nagging thought that if I don't lose weight then I'll keep getting bigger and bigger and I'm worried of the detrimental effects that it could have on Evie, as well as our chances of having a brother or sister for her, which is something we want so SO much.

So after lots of 'I'll start on Monday's' I began my diet yesterday, and I'd be lying if i said so far it was easy, I'm so hungry!! but I managed to drink 5 litres of water and slurp my shakes and soups and here I am on day 2!! only 98 days to go.

To be honest, I can't see the 'wood for the tree's' I can't imagine myself being slim and I know I'm doing the diet thing for a very good reason and I know that I will stick to it, but I feel very hard done to lol

I intend to keep this updated with my progress, it will be fantastic to look back during this journey to slimdom to see where I have come. and maybe someone reading this may get inspired like I was. I would love that, passing on this dieting bug thing!!

anyways much love to you all

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Hey Lizzie good luck ....you can and will do it, just the thought of a baby brother or sister (or both lol) for your daughter is plenty of incentive you need.

AWww thanks Sonya - and I certainly will keep on updating here!

Like I say, only on day 2 and having this diary on the go.. all be it for a few short hours, I already think its really helping!



The Big Shake House
i found that writing a diary is a great idea!!
im only on day to but my brother things its funny as i write my diary like im in the big brother house

garcia 24 x
To be honest, I can't see the 'wood for the tree's' I can't imagine myself being slim and I know I'm doing the diet thing for a very good reason and I know that I will stick to it, but I feel very hard done to lol

I intend to keep this updated with my progress, it will be fantastic to look back during this journey to slimdom to see where I have come. and maybe someone reading this may get inspired like I was. I would love that, passing on this dieting bug thing!!

In July last year, I started CD, I never ever thought that would be sat here, 6 months later, at goal and 5 stone lighter. I certainly never thought I would be an inspiration.

But, I am, and Im not blowing my own trumpet :p, well I am a bit! But its amazed me, everything has, how far I have come, and what i have achieved.

Anyway, Ill stop the waffle now, what I am trying to say is, you have some great reasons, and I think you can do this, keep posting, drink the water and ask anyone on here for support. This year is your year, you can become that inspiration, trust me, if I can then you can, as icemoose would say, eyes on that prize, keep going, because believe me, the prize is worth getting x


Serial Foodie!
u can do it! i hope keeping this diary helps you. xx

in a matter of weeks u will be all slender and (more) gorgeous. little evelyn wont be able to keep up with u. even johnny wont be able to (which ought to help with the baby making :D )

best of luck xxxx


Gold Member
Good luck on your weight loss journey, day 3 often seems to be a toughie for many people so hang on in there it'll be worth it.

Looking forward to hearing your progress.
Hi Lizzie,

Good Luck with LL and your weight loss journey :D

You have a huge reason (brother or sister for little Evie) to give you the incentive and motivation and I wish you all the very best:)

Keeping a diary is a fantastic way to log your journey and good or bad, we are all here to offer support when needed.

Take care
Thank you so much for your messages!!

When I first logged on this morning, it was for a bit of a moan really!! but damn it I don't want to now!!

You people are the best, and because I have decided to be completely honest with myself and you lovely people reading this - I do some time relish being grumpy lol ;) (Don't tell the other half - ((although i think he already knows hehe))

So, damn it yeah - I went to bed achey and exhausted and extremely cold and hungry.. and yeah, I didn't want to get up this morning! AND yeah!!! I kept having to jump out the bath this morning to have a wee (sorry for too much info) but I don't care.

I love the fact that it's day 3 - bring it on!! *slurps some water*

Vicky you ARE an inspiration - I particularly Love this -

My ultimate goal was to wake up slim, I lived and dreamed about it.
Today I woke up slim
Sometimes winners are dreamers that never give up

I'm going to print it off and put in on my fridge!! thank you for your message..

Karen, Cheb and Lenny.. thank you also, I truly feel so amazed that people like you are out there offering your support to strangers - (we won't be strangers for long though!! :) )

So day 3 and so far no complaints, I even had enough energy to clean up Evie's toys this morning -(yesterday I just sat mopping my brow waiting for the agony of hunger to go away) so I think I may have turned the hunger corner!! fingers crossed eh?

Bye for now, love to all

Lizzie xxx
Thanks hun, I never ever thought I would be where I am now, but I am, and its good, If I could bottle it and give it away then I would!!!!

You go girl, dont let anything stand in your way, its worth it x
Good morning day 4

Well, last night was truly awful - tears, arguments and OH very nearly went to asda to get me somethings to make a ham sandwich with.

By 9pm though.. I was lying on the sofa ( all very dramatic) with the tv off, my OH just sitting there looking nervous and shifty (poor sod) and I gradually started to feel calmer and calmer. "hmmmmm" I thought.. "could it beeee?"

.. and yes Ketosis had arrived. I did a test with my ketostix and the result was ++++.. yay!!

I was suprised at how quickly my results on the ketostix changed from negative at about 3pm yesterday to ++++ at 9pm.. but I definatly felt the hunger gradually disipate and the anxousness gradually ease.

and I don't feel hungry now! well not physically hungry, but Evie was looking slightly concerned at the way i was eyeing up her multi cheerios at breakfast.

anyway I'm couning down to my first way in on Monday..

In the mean time

By for now

Hi Rooster, your story sounds just like mine. I put on over 5 stones with my pregnancy. Now i am restarting having lost about 2 stones with CD at the end of last year.
Yesterday was day 3 for me too and last night i was really fed up and spoiling for an argument with DH because he hid the scales and wouldn't let me have them :mad: .....i do get a bit obsessed with them but boy was i in a rage.

Anyway good luck with your journey i will be reading your diary.
Day 5 and it's FRrrriday - So far all is well in the hunger department.

Yesterday Evie and I took a trip to the seaside - we had a fab time and I resisted the yummy seaside chips I bought for E's lunch! although it was more a case of remembering I don't eat them anymore and not picking at them, rather than wanting to eat them myself through sheer guilty foody pleasures.

Last night passed without incident (unless you include having to tell OH off for deliberately covering 1 eighth of the radiator, thus partially blocking a little of the heat that was meant for me, but that sounds perfectly reasonable right??)

I was prepared for the big chill that I seem to get every night since starting this crazy diet and went to bed with 2 hot water bottles and an extra layer of PJ's (Not sure how long the OH will put up with this lol)

So, day 5, that's 5% of the hard part done!! HURRAH!!

Bye for now

The COLD noone warned me about it,but it's quite striking isn't it . Ihaven't asked anyone about it but I'm a lot better now.(4 weeks in) I know it's much milder over the lastfew days but the cold felt like an internal thing if that makes sense & I think it has slowly crept off while i wasn't looking.
OH and socks in bed, & wrist warmers around the house. It was only last week but I'd already forgotten how cold i actually felt
Oh no .. Friday night!!

Friday's are typically umm food and red wine night.. the thought keeps popping into my head 'OOoooh Friday night, yummies and wine' and then.. ':cry: DIET!'

So I got weighed :eek: , which I promised myself I wouldn't do before the end of the first week, but I thought it might spur me on past the temptations of the usual Friday night delights. Good news too, I've lost 11 lbs!! WOoo hoo.. however, the realist in me knows that most of that will be getting rid of the food I ate on Sunday lol but still progress is progress. :)

Oh well .. I'm going to temp the other half to a game of Trivial pursuit and see if that can take my mind of things for tonight!

I'm thinking of getting a ticker now that I've ticked down some pounds - (but I'm scared that my OH will log on and see how much I weigh, and there's some things that should be kept secret between a man and a woman lol :rolleyes: )

Bye for now



ps OOOooo it's not easy is it (in the style of Marjorie dawes)
Oh Roosters, I thought I was the only one who doesn't want my OH to know what I really weigh. I'm a couple of weeks ahead of you on CD & already told him I've lost quite a lot less than I aready have.My guilty secret goes further than this though. When I told him I was going to meet a CDC & go on the diet i expected some scoffing, but his response was 'mmmm think I've heard of it ,been around for a bit hasn't it(OH Yes I reply 25yrs or so) ah well can't be too faddy then'
&that was it until I returned with the shakes. He briefly said 'What no meals at all?' & that was that. He has no idea how low the cals are,nor that it functions on ketones. I am quiteconfident he has no interst in reading the sachets.Nor will he get on line & enter this or any other web site.'I hate computers,have to us them all day at work ,why should I want to use ne at home?' He's so anti computer he has evendeclared his dislikeof the dvdpayer cos you have to select menus & press play. videos now ,you just put them in & they go'
So back to the subject, I tell him I've lost a couple more pounds when I come back from CDC & it serves 2 functions.
Firstly to disguse he fact that I need to lose over 8st, but also because he doesn't approve of 'too rapid weight loss ,it's not good for you '
And they say true love has no secrets
To be fair to him though he keeps telling me how well I'm doing & reminds the children to be appreciative when hot suppers are served because it must be hard for mummy when she can't eat any of it herself.
dear Roosters I've really droned on here,didn't mean to sorry
Dearest Jane!

It was a pleasure reading your 'droning' and feel free to drone/chat/laugh/compare the idiosyncrasies of OH's with me ANYtime you like.. xx

And you know what I think? Piffle to 'True Love has no secret' - True love is on a need to know basis! Don't you agree Jane lol

And as for not telling our OH's our starting weight, I think we're actually saving them from themselves. They're bound to accidently say something wrong, stutter, mumble and get sent straight to the dog house, and it's not fair on them! (I'm going to get shot for this lol) - they are after all only men!!

Well I think that we're in a fantastic situation really Jane, Lovely supportive partners + Kiddies, stir in a bit of shake powder and a pinch of will power and we'll be wearing t-shirts with our weight printed on the front in no time!

Lizzie xxxx
Love the diary so far, very upbeat, like it!!

11bs is ace, took me nearly 2 weeks to do that!

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