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Back on track as of today .......need a buddy?

Discussion in 'Low Carb Diets' started by dani_doot, 3 November 2008 Social URL.

  1. dani_doot

    dani_doot Well-Known Member

    i previously done a low carb diet, and lost a stone within 6weeks, and maintained for a further 3-4weeks, but then it all started to go wrong.........i give in one too many times to some "not so good" food, and my cravings started to come back.
    I gained back 6lbs of my 14 lost, and i dont want to get into the rut i was before, so here goes my new start.

    ive purchased an indoor bicycle to do at least 30mins a day exercise. i do have a gym membership, but i rarely go as i hate being seen looking sweaty and struggling to breathe etc. so i thought , why not do it at home , that way i dont feel self conscious, and i can watch tv while i work out etc.

    in regards to food, i am cutting my calorie intake back to 1300 cals a day. i will be limiting my carbs to approx 75g a day. my main carb intake will be my breakfast, as i will need this to fuel me up for the day. i will then have some with my lunch and very little or none with my dinner.

    Fingers crossed i will do it properley this time, and make a life change and not just a temporary diet.

    ps. anybody want to buddy up???
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  3. dani_doot

    dani_doot Well-Known Member

    So far so good, feeling a bit better already, and the cycling is going great, gives me a little buzz to know ive done something.

    how are you all doing??
  4. supergran

    supergran Going to do this......

    good luck and keep on peadling on a low carb sort of diet just keep a check on the sugar value in the carbs lost 4 pound last week had a blip put on a bit but now its came back off. keep on going x

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