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Back on WW and WONT fail this time...


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Hi everyone, just thought I'd say hello. I've struggled with my weight over the years, and am a serial yo yo dieter. Well, its that time of year again, and I've been struggling to lose the weight since christmas. At one point, I had lost 10lbs, but its all piled on again :sigh: Chocolate is my downfall...But, I feel like I've FINALLY got my head in the right place and have started WW (again!) today. I've been excercising aswell lately, and am going to keep that up. Been doing 60 lengths in the baths, dancing like a maniac to wii Just Dance, and have been going for half hour walks-even managed to get a bit of a jog on Sunday morning :clap: (ok, it was only about 300 yds, but its the first time I've actually run in 10 years lol!).
So, I'm hoping if I keep it up and stick to counting my points, I'll do it this time...and hopefully keep it off!
My biggest incentive at the moment though, is that my holiday is only 6 weeks away :eek: and the thought of getting in my bikini makes me feel sick....I know I've left it late to lose any serious weight, but any loss will be a bonus :eek:.
Anyway, rambled on enough, just want to say hello and that I've enjoyed reading through your posts the last few days.
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Hello and welcome :) Your doing great so far well done with the exercise! Just take it a day at a time xxx


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hi lou the very best of luck with WW :D


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Thanks everyone :). Just trying to beat my cravings at the moment...this is the worst time of day for me, when I've had my tea I always fancy soemthing sweet. Not giving in this time though. I've got a couple of points left so saving those for later then I'm off to bed where its safe lol.
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hi hun
im back again with avengence too after a year falling off the ww wagon!!

my down fall is wine though .. this weekend will be such a test for me - i am going to try stay away from the booze totally for the first 2 weeks and see if i can have a great start!!

hope you are managing to stay away from the choc!! have you tried the ww choc mini rolls?? they are delish.. althou i can never eat just the one!!!

i started again yesterday and realised i have 22lbs to get to my goal and i have 11 weeks till my holiday - cos the thought of getting in my bikini makes me want to cry!! we are lucky we have such great motivation though!!!

hope all is going well and good luck

Gabriella xx


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Hiya Gabriella :) Nice to know I'm not the only one whos fallen off the wagon lol! Doing ok so far, but I hate these sugar cravings lol! Thankgoodness for WW chocolate wafers! I haven't bought any of their rolls yet....I think I would be tempted to have the lot, they are so nice :D I'm not too fussed over wine (unless I'm on a night out and can easily drink a bottle to myself lol!) Hope you're doing ok. 22lbs in 11 weeks isn't too bad hun, theres a chance you could lose most of that if not all. Good luck.

Lou xx
Hiya welcome back to ww and to us ;)

Can I just say make sure you find an exercise routeen that you will do at least 5 times a week and you can increase as you ose weight,try not to go full steam ahead then find you have to do more to lose weight,the reason I say this is last year I started ww and went to the gym 3 times a week walked there and back 1 1/2 hours and aquafit twice a week amd did ww 100% and lost 1lbs a week,I got fed up as I took too much on too quick and stopped. Im not sayinmg you will but maybe build up to exercise as your body will be shocked at the cut back in food as well as lots of exercise and you sound in the right place to do this,I didnt do any extra exercise until week 4 and I feel it was better this time as I didnt pressure myself such alot,I now do treadmill 30mins 5 times a week that has been for 4 weeks,next week I will start wii dance for 4 weeks then gradually introduce wii fit 4 weeks after.

Good luck I hope you do really well :D xx


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Thanks very much for the reply size102b (love the name by the way!) Much appreciated. It must have been do disheartening hardly losing, when you were trying so hard.
Apart from swimming every other week for the last few months, I haven't exercised much at all, until the last couple of weeks. As well as swimming, walking (and even a little jog :) ), wii fit I've been doing lots of leg exercises (lunges,sqats ets) I've even bought some of those 2.5lb weights that you wrap around your ankles and have been wearing them all day when I'm at home lol. Despite all this, and eating pretty healthy (ok I wasn't strictly dieting but trying to cut down) I haven't lost a bean over the past 2 weeks! I guess I must have been eating more than I thought, which is why I'm back on ww and counting every single thing. But like you said, maybe I've over done it on the exercise aswell (my body is probably in shock lol). See how this week goes....
By the way, I noticed how well you'd done the other day, when I was reading another post. You've done brill :D


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Hi Lou and :welcome:
Wow, just reading about your exercising makes me feel tired but then again I am the proverbial couch potato :eek: Have just started doing 15 mins on the wii fit and that will do for now.

Good luck with the plan, holidays can be very motivating


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hi lou, just droppin in to say good luck! am startin ww myself soon and will look to u for some inspiration!
Arrghhh don't do that-I hate pressure lol! (only joking :D) Good luck hun. This site is great to pop on and have a read, especially when you're fighting the cravings (like I am now lol!)

Thanks for the welcome Shanny and Vanda :D. I don't know whats got into me vanda lol, I haven't exercised as much as this in my life lol. Although, I only manged 52 lengths swimming today instead of 60, because I was desperate for a pee lol (and once I get out, I stay out-the bit I hate most about swimming is the getting in and out...I have put off swimming in the past because I was too embarresed of my huge, wobbly thighs!) Wont be doing any tomorrow though, as I'm working and will be totally knackered by the time I get home and see to the kids lol :family2:

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