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Back... with my tail between my legs!

Started Attack yesterday, after losing 8lb with Dukan in August and putting it ALL back on again! need to get about a stone off in the next three weeks and this really is the only way to do it, aside from Lipotrim! And im never touching another shake again for the rest of my life! wish me luck.....:sigh:
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Goat herder(ess)
Aw, no! Sorry to hear that.

Did you do the Consolidation and stick to the maintenance? Or was the temptation just too much? (That's usually my problem - can't resist chocolate, sausages, pies and most other stuff that's unhealthy.)

Good luck with starting again. Keeping my fingers crossed for you this time.


** Chief WITCH **
Good luck!

We'll all be interested in the details, if you don't mind sharing...

You're not the first and I'm sure you won't be the last!
Ah I just got out of routine, and you need to be so organised on this diet! then when I started eating all the wrong things I couldn't stop, and to be honest I was like a mad woman with cravings.
I'm now working two jobs, so Monday to Wednesday I'm gone from 7.45 in the morning until 8p.m. so at the beginning I was all over the place, constantly exhausted and grabbing whatever was closest (and If Im honest, tastiest).
I've joined the gym and have a session with personal trainer booked for this week, as he tells me I have to start using weights to see the quickest results!
Good luck xx


** Chief WITCH **
Thanks for the honesty Bananarama... it's true that my kitchen is often like a military operation on a Sunday morning as I do all sorts of things to give myself a headstart on the week's lunches, dinners (ok and breakfasts!!)... organised me?!!

Welcome back Banana

As a Dukan Yoyo-er who has yet to reach the hallowed world of conso :).... (but probably ought to have been there already)....I am in the same boat-ish...

Good luck this time around - stick with the forum - I find it's good to keep me in-line more than if I was doing this on my own :) xxx
good luck hun xxxx
Good luck hun and well done for coming back. We're all here with you. xxx
Thanks everybody, Don't have much time to get on here, but thought I'd let you know how I'm doing! Started on Monday at 156.5lb, and today I am 151.2! Delighted, although it is dropping a lot slower than last time round! Im on my 5th day of attack, and I'm going to stick with it until the first half stone is gone, so Hopefully I'll be eating veg by Tuesday!


** Chief WITCH **
Excellent Bananarama... and I'm afraid to say that yes, it never quite comes off as well as that first time... but hey you're only at the second time, so hang in there, and GREAT LOSS
I know that it's very quick but the last time I think I'd dropped half a stone in the first five days. I was 151.2 lb this morning, and I really need to be 141lb by a week on Wednesday (i think its like the 27th of October) for a hospital appointment where my bmi needs to be under 25!!! any tips to drop ten lb in 11days??:confused::confused:

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