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Bad belly??? Maybe TMI! lol


Enjoying life!
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Playing the Angel
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Poor you hun

It happened to me (the runs) all the time for ages, at least 7 weeks. Now it still happens, but not quite as often. Not sure as to why tho.

Hope you feel better *hugs*



I Can Do This!
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Kat - might not be food related. Maybe just a viral thing? Hope it clears up soon.

Personally I have the other problem and often go a whole week without 'going'! LOL.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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If its just your tummy thats upset, I doubt it has to do with the diet, as said maby a tummyu bug. a few ladies at work have been struck with one over the past 2 or 3 weeks.

Are you keeping up with your water? That will help all other areas. ;)


The Minis Bad Boy
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I am fine in the mornings but about an hour after I have my first pack I cannot fart with confidence for the rest of the day.

Mel P

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Are you using the water flavours? These contain inulin, which can result in a runny tum. I found on the days when I used the water flavours all the time, I paid the price in the evenings. But when I cut back on them I was fine ... just a thought :)


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
I have used the water flavours but not for the last few weeks as I find them to sweet.

I drink 3-4 litres of water a day so am doing ok there.

I am generally fine with my food packs and do not particularly suffer with wind!

I am feeling much better this morning :)

Thanks for all your advise.

Kat xx


The Minis Bad Boy
S: 26st1lb C: 26st1lb G: 17st2lb BMI: 52.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yeh I use the flavourings, Ill give em a miss for a bit.
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Possibly just your belly being a bit dicky, drink a little more water, without flavourings and just relax dont do anything to strenuous and it should correct itself soon :) otherwise go see your gp or LLC :D


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
It was just one day, was just curious if others experienced anything. It wasn't anything to warrent needing to relax or not do anything strenuous! I won't be drinking any more water, I feel that 3-4 litres a day is drowing as it is! lol

I don't think my DR would appreciate me wasting their time over one day of a dicky belly :)

I am tip top today!

Thanks folks for your advice.

Kat xx

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