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Bad couple of days....


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.... I'm posting this as I feel I should rather than hiding it but I'm having a really crap couple of days. Finally got the go ahead yesterday that I can move to my new job when I go back to work on the 3rd June - now you'd think that this would be a good thing and really it is as I can't wait to start, really looking forward to it.

However, things have been really crap in work for all sorts of reasons that I'm actually happy to leave - and then that really hit me, it felt bad not to be bothered that I'm going .... I've worked in the same building for about 6 years and I had real horrid self thoughts last night about how I could feel like this - anyway I decided I needed to drown my sorrows and hide in food - and I did.

Then today made a conscious decision that I still feel crap and am going to eat again today - daughter is also home so will poss be going out for dinner -see all sorts of reasons/excuses. So yes have eaten today and will continue to do so BUT tomorrow I will be back on track, no doubt feeling crap but I will be back.

I know it's prob not the best thing to come on here and admit to eating - sorry about that - but didn't want it to be hidden and pretend it wasn't happening ... that would be easy to do but it wouldn't be honest to either me or to you.

Love to say that I feel better for writing this, but don't at the moment --- but hopefully I will tomorrow when the world is 'right' again :)
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tommorow is a fresh start ,. .so what about today its nearly over.get your diet head back on and get cracking you can do it we are all here for ya xxxxx
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Hiya Katie

Sending you big HUGS, I too have been having a crap time and work and I can so understand the temptation to turn to food as a sort of comfort. Old habits die hard as the saying goes. You have taken the first step by being honest with yourself and getting it down on paper so to speak. I can't really offer anything constructive but you need to focus on the cause and not the symptom if you know what I mean.

Anyway I will stop waffling but wanted to send you big hugs xxx


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Coming on here and admitting you have eaten is exactly what you should be doing. This is a support forum, and if you can't come here and tell all to get the support you need then where can you go??????

At least you know where you have gone wrong, you know you are looking for excuses, so you know where you need to put things right. If you slip again (but I doubt you will), come straight back here to get the back up and support you need.


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:hug99::hug99:Big hugs Katie, remember the song.

"Pick yourself up, brush yourself down and start all over again."

Dont beat yourself up if we were perfect we wouldnt be doing this in the first place.


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Katie you are only Human. I have been rubbish since starting RTM but im not beating myself up about it because im bloody trying and the fact that you came on here means that you are aware of it! Dont get yourelf down- Life is too short. You will be fine. Think of the weight loss- and how much it means to you and jump back on the wagon :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Ah Katie... sorry to hear ur struggling... but it sounds as though ur aware of it which is step 1... I know its easy 2 say, but think about ur goals, dust urself off and kick this diet in in the backside ;) u can do it... u know u can xx


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Cheers guys and gals, really do appreciate the support :)

Tomorrow is another day hey?



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I presume the day is over in the UK? however dont think of tomorrow as restarting think of it as continuing. Sometimes when we say we are starting again you give your mind a false sense of power. Remember that you have begun your jouney and you had a tough time perhaps handling it incorrectly as temptation crept in.

Be strong as you have admitted your wrong turn and get back on the right road!

Unfortunately this is life and we are not all perfect robots.



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Katie I've learned that the difference between a 'naturally slim' person and an overweight one is that slim people don't beat themselves up for overeating and just take less the next day. Those of us with weight probs see one overeating episode as a sign we're a complete failure and a signal to keep on eating. Be a thin person and just start again!


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Well done Katie for coming on here and admitting it! Tomorrow is another day and at least you want to correct your mistakes which shows you still have a high level of determination, your only human, good luck and we are all here for you!
Katie, you said it tomorrow is another day and you'll keep going i'm sure. I too have eaten for 2 days and got absolutely sloshed last night. I haven't beaten myself up about it but it is definately in the back of my mind that I have cheated a few times in the past couple of weeks and I just have to keep going. I want that last stone off before July. It's good you came on the site and told us. The support from everybody will keep you going and tomorrow you'll be able to post that it was a better day and you're on track again! x

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