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bad food day has turned into 5! :(


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so some of you may have read that I had a bad food afternoon last week. i couldnt make wi on saturday and it threw me off track. had good intentions and got back on track the next day but then have had 4 bad days since! im dreading wi on sat even though i know if i stop now i could still salavage it. someone slap some sense into me!! its mainly boredom eating at work (Im a nanny and the family buy in loads of rubbish so cant just not buy it to stop temptation)
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I know how you feel I've had 2 bad days but gave myself a kick up the bum today and got back into it,I keep trying to think of the slinky dress I want to buy for my hubby's 30th party (I don't wear dresses so it's a big thing for me!) I suppose you need to set a goal and focus on that least you have something to aim for,I'm a childminder why are children's food so yummy!!!

Lucia Lucia

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Only you can stop

Only you can make it 5 bad days instead of 6 or 7

You can do it
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You can do it babe! Draw a line under it... I will do it for you.

5 Bad Days


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come on chic just get back on nothing you can do about the bad days now just stop beating yourself up over it making yourself feel worse and start again. think of all reasons you started in first place xxxx


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Stop worrying about what you have done, look forward and think what you CAN do
Good luck

hollys nan

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Get back on that horse and you will finish the journey. If you dont, you wont get there, keep on going you will do it!!


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oh you're all so lovely :) Im too embaressed to have a gain on saturday so must try and at least maintain! i have a holiday with the girls in the summer to aim for but think I need something sooner to work towards. I'll have a think about what I can set as a mini goal apart from not wanting to be as fat in the hot weather! thanks all :) xx
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Iv had a bad week too!!! It's my * Week I have the flu been in bed for days didn't feel hungry didn't want to cook and did make a salad and Urghhh I just wanted to eat crap so I did I though u know what I'll put on weight cus it's my *week iv had flu medince which had loads of syns ? n I haven't got the energy so 2mcds this week and a pizza hut! And do u know what I don't regret it, because I felt better and today I had boiled eggs and toast massive salad with chicken and gamon egg and peas, so I'm
Very low on syns n I feel good again doesn't matter what I put on, on Thursday because it's one blip and I'm allowed to make myself feel better when I'm
I'll and I'll just r extra good next week x I even turned down burger n chips at pub this evening and I brought 4 mini tubs of Ben and jerrys and they are for next couple weeks as a treat as there 12 syns
Per 100ml x

<3... Victoria-Louise...<3.


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Yep, tomorrow's a new day, you have to just find that motivation from somewhere inside. My few days off from SW eventually turned into a year, +2st... It's not worth it, believe me! You can do it. :)


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Come on LL - you can do this.
WI isn't til Saturday, so you've got almost half a week of healthy eating before then! And no skiving off next Saturday out of embarrassment either missus!! They're your support group for times like this. Most people there will know exactly how you feel from personal experience. And, like I always tell any teary / guilt-stricken kids in my class(es), "You messed up. You're human! That's what humans do. What's important is how you deal with it afterwards. If you pretend not to have done it, or blame your mistakes on someone else that's when you get yourself in proper trouble, but if you accept it, learn from it and forgive yourself you can move on from it quickly."

Good luck - and don't eat a thing today that you haven't writen in a food diary first. It'll just make you think twice about it. Let us know how you get on. x

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