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Bad foods you love - avoid altogether?

I'm seeking the advice of anyone who's post-diet and managing their weight. My specific situation will soon be 'route to management' on LL but I think this applies across the dieting board.

How do we cope with foods we know are no good but which we LOVE? Is the general consensus 'a little of what you fancy' or that you're better off finding new foods to love?

I have been dishing up supper to the kids and I hold that hot buttered toast so close to my nose I'm amazed I don't absorb the calories. Sometimes I think it's just going to make it's own way in to my mouth whether I resist or not!!

I'm equally interested to know if anyone has other foods they feel totally vulnerable around.

Just so I know I'm not alone ;)
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mmmm am with you on the toast front yummy esp fresh bread and real butter arghhhhhhhhhhh look you have set me off now rofl


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Hi Supersize,

if you are about to go into RTM then you have managed to loose the weight your have wanted to loose, so congratulations, you have done brilliantly. It is quite difficult when you start eating again after abstinence because then you have to face controlling your food intake and decide what foods to eat and what not to eat. RTM is very structured to help you reintroduce foods slowly over 12 weeks, so it takes all that time to actually reintroduce all the food groups and if it isnt on the list then you are not supposed to eat it. Having said that it is so tempting to try the foods that you crave and havent had for so long. That is when you need to really call on all that counselling that we have had to use the Adult in you to make sensible decisions.

That is the therory, in practice it is very difficult and you need all the support of your Counsellor, other LL colleagues and places like this website. Try and stay as focused as you were when you first started this journey, but believe me you are not alone in being tempted by the toast and butter, or as in my case, sweet things like cake, biscuits and chocs. I have found it really difficult to stop once I started eating the previously loved foods, so best not to do it at all. You will find that your taste buds have changed and foods you previously thought of as uninteresting suddenly become very tasty and tempting. Raw mushrooms I love, hated them before, now I cant get enough.

Just take it day by day, hour by hour, but you are human and if you give in to temptation then dont beat yourself up about it, just remember how far you have come and be proud.

Good luck and have a successful RTM, I am sure you will find it worthwhile learning to eat with control instead of "out of control"
Sandra - wow - amazing weight loss!! Congratulations!! And thanks for the advice. I already know that I simply can't eat part of a take away pizza so I must bid them farewell in my new lighter life, but toast will be part of my everyday. Ho hum. When I'm due a foodpack though and I'm hungry I am getting more and more tempted around bread. But I'm far too much of a swat to want to bring myself out of ketosis like that. And I'd blame any poor weight loss on the one piece of toast or whatever so I think I'll get through abstinence but as you say foundation is a far cry from RTM. Day by day.

And Bobwillbethin - muchos apologies for bringing out the carb bogey! There you were all 'not-thinking-about-hot-buttered-toast' and I ruined it! They say "nothing tastes as good as being slim feels" (apart from fresh bread...shhhh). I hope you are settling down to a nice cup of tea instead and praise for your impressive 6lb loss in only ten days!

Let's say it might be a weekend thing in years to come and not something I have to say goodbye to forever. And it can be brown bread, wholewheat, soda bread, whatever is deemed healthiest, even pumpernickel on occassion - but just don't let it be low fat spread. That just makes toast soft. Eugh.

Sorry Miss Bettany - I seem to have made a faux pas - I'm not on RTM yet and genuinely had a toast moment this evening so thought I'd seek advice. Humour generally helps me deal with food but I may have been thoughtless listing my actual food concern.

Arrrrgh. Now i feel dreadful and am searching for a way to change the thread title but I can't see it - anyone know?

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Supersize, if you just click to the right of the title of your post you should be able to edit it.

The post has been moved to the Route to Management section of the forum.

Don't worry - some people are more sensitive to the topic of food coming up. Others, like me, it doesn;t seem to bother.

No worries. We all live and learn, ay? :)
Thanks Blonde Logic! I've been clicking all over the shop though and I don't seem to be able to find what you're meaning. It's haunting me now. Think I'd have been happier if I'd eaten the toast :(

Live and learn as you say.

If I ever figure out how to change it I will.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
If you go to the main page, where it lists ALL the posts......if you place your curser to the right - the end of the post title - and double click there, it should open up and allow you to edit.
Finally managed. Don't know what problem was with all my double clicking. Off to calm down with a cup of tea. This may have succeeded in putting me off HBT for life :sign0007:


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How do we cope with foods we know are no good but which we LOVE? Is the general consensus 'a little of what you fancy' or that you're better off finding new foods to love?
I'm post-diet (Cambridge, not LL). Assuming your talking about after rtm, when it's all done and dusted ;).

There was no way I was going to avoid the foods I loved for the rest of my life. I knew there would be times that I would have it (high days and holidays), so I wanted to learn how to control it; how to make one piece enough.

By teaching myself 'moderation in all things', I can have the foods I love, I've learned to love more healthy things, and I don't have to worry about those 'high days holidays and stress days'.

If I just left those foods until those special occasions, I just wouldn't have got that practice in. I would have had to return from holiday and get back on the diet to rectify the damage.

I should imagine that during rtm, you will learn some techniques to guide with this. Just have to put it into practice.....lots of times :D


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I know you say there is 'no way' you could not eat a whole pizza, that's crooked thinking!

You are physically capable of not eating it all, provided you are fully in control of your limbs! The only problem you might have is psychological, but that's what the counselling is for.

I'm only on week 5 of RTM, and last night I 'lapsed' althought it was sort of planned. I'd done a 5k race, I was starving hungry and I went out for dinner. In week 5 you can have red wine, so I'd planned to have a glass to celebrate my run. I ordered one of the healthier options on the menu, it included baby new potatoes which I'm not supposed to have yet, but as I was so hungry and had eaten so little, I decided to eat them. I reguarly stopped, put my knife and fork down, had a sip of water and reassessed whether I was still hungry. Then I noticed a 'lighter' dessert on the menu (a lemon mousse type of thing made with creme fraiche, not totally light but not chocolate cake either!) so I had that. It took me about 10 minutes to eat it, a tiny bit at a time, and I didn't finish it but I did enjoy every little bit.

I compensated by not having the wine, and I wont have the wine now until next week.

I don't intend to beat myself up about it, or obsess about my choice (which was made in the adult state, I used up a LOT of calories and other nutrients on my run) and it's actually given me confidence that I can have 'bad' food (the concept of good food and bad food is also crooked thinking!) in moderation.

TOO MUCH INFORMATION WARNING: I've had real problems with constipation while on RTM, within minutes of my meal last night I was able to go, so I'm really glad I ate it!! :eek:
Thanks - there's some good strong advice in there - appreciated :)
Hi Supersize, just thought I'd add in my tuppence worth. Like you, one of my mega cravings during abstinence was bread in all its beautiful forms and I had in my head that lovely buttery toast was going to be my dream post-RtM food choice. BUT I've opted to avoid food that I know is not 'good' for me and that included bread. I did RtM exactly by the book and was able to assess foods that caused blood sugar swings or digestive problems really easily. I now avoid wheat, processed food and refined sugar. However it's really important that I know they aren't banned. I can have them if I want to but most of the time I choose not to as I know that they don't agree with me, for whatever reason. I strongly recommend a book called Eating Less by Gillian Riley to help you stay on track and focused on the overall aim, which, to me, isn't being thin but being healthy! I've now maintained a BMI of 21.5 since March. It's by no means easy and every day I have at least one little struggle with my urge to eat addictively, but by Heaven it's worth it! Best of luck,

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