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Bad Moods??


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Is anyone else out there the same?? Im just starting my 2nd week now of SS and when Im in work and busy Im in ok form but when I get home my mood changes drastically. Im snappy and just generally being really crabby. My bf supports me 100% but Im even starting to annoy myself now.

Is this normal for the first couple of weeks? If so does this pass?
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I was terribly moody when I did SS last year.

I must try to be better this time. I just used to go to bed early if I felt irritable last time.

Horrible though isn't it.
I've always been a moody short tempered person lol but i've been ten times worse since ssing, I don't know how everyone around me is putting up with me because im really driving myself crazy

I have to keep reminding myself that it'll be worth it all in the end, i find reading or chilling out in the bath of an evening helps me relax a little and feel less moody and people around me are learning to take everything i say or do with a pinch of salt because my mood changes like the wind! lol
Hi, yes I think SSing does make you grumpier around your nearest and dearest, particularly if they are eating!
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Yes i am the same, i even get angry if the kids don't finish there lunch/dinner. This diet has made me grumpy and anything to do with food makes me angry.

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Ive been more emotional than grumpy, had a cry at the weekend, think i was feeling sorry for myself where i wasnt feeling well and it was also after hubby had just finished a really scrummy looking dinner! i asked him yesterday how i had been and he said i had been fine, i hope i can keep that up! i have felt a bit misrable though cos its only now im not eating that i realise how much life revolves around food.
I am fowl! Infact I find it hideous! Utterly miserable. The hardest diet I have ever done. And YES I do feel sorry for myself. Shameful! And I miss the social aspects of having a meal I have to keep disappearing. Another member said 'head down, eyes on the prize' and thats all I can do. Can't wait till its over tho!

Lilly :sigh:
Yeah i agree...I've been up and down mood wise on the diet!! It does affect your mood i think!! :)

Fact is i enjoy food and eating! I always will! and i miss that and the pleasure of it! It is social like Lily said and we have to keep in mind the end target, re-adress our attitude to food(for all comfort eaters like me) and know that the diet is not forever! 'Head Down and eyes on the prize' :)
It's quite normal to feel grumpy when you're on SS. For me it was because I always used to deal with my emotions by feeding them, and you can't do that when you are on SS! Eventually I learned to deal with them in more positive ways, but it takes time. I do feel for you though.

P.S. Now I'm a 'normal' weight, I'm way way calmer, I think this is cos I have PCOS and losing weight and keeping most of it off for over a year has helped my symptoms loads, I used to be a mad old moo most of the time, I went from 0-b!tch in 60 seconds or less!
Serotonin is the chemical in the brain that regulates mood, emotion, sleep and appetite. Ketosis suppresses the release of serotonin therefore suppresses all of the above. Proven to lead to depression etc. I find I feel really flat when I'm SSing, not so much grumpy just sad! :( but it's soooo worth it!
I am on 790 and have found my mood to be pretty much awful while ssing and on 790.

I have definitely been alot snappier and i seem to have a temper now whereas before i was alot more laid back.

It is probably a combination of alot of things - the chemical change in your body and also the psychological aspect of not being able to "cheer yourself up" with food anymore.

When I was ssing i really felt that i had nothing to look forward to each day! how sad is that?! The good thing is that it made me realise WHY i ate and my triggers. I am now much more aware of when I may be tempted and how to avoid those situations. Hopefully this will all help me when I am maintaining.



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I'm not moody but feel sensitive. I think I'm waiting for someone to make a comment about my slimmer shape or dis the diet and I'm feeling defensive on both parts. I am also more highly strung (stressed even), I guess it can be expected from an ex-comfort eater. This diet certainly changes your perspectives and makes you re-think your abilities.


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I am now in my second week. I'm not moody...but am really depressed. I keep going from feeling really high to really low. Nothing in between. I'm hoping it will pass. During my low times is when I can't see the point in sticking with it. Especially as i had low weight loss this week.


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Hi fal..were all on the cambridge diet returners forum. Theres me, Lucy, Pineapple, Rach, Leaz were all there if you want to pop over.
I think once you can see 'real results' this improves the mood dramatically. Like others I too struggled with the early weeks of the diet but once I saw my weight really drop and once I could get into sizes 12 and then 10 I became soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cheerful!!

There are times (especially when stressed) when I miss my old diet and at times would kill for a Danish pastry but I ask myself

"which feels best, the momentary gratification of the pastry or weeks and months and years of looking and feeling slim"?

The answer is always the same - (though I have at times had the pastry and then just "made up for it" for a few days afterwards). That binge of all binges is always just an overdose of carbs away!!! :eek:

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