Badly need motivation

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Caziedalts, 21 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Caziedalts

    Caziedalts Full Member

    Hi all

    I'm struggling badly to get back on it. I really really want to get back to how I was but I keep finding poor excuses, the weather, or feeling a bit down.

    I know once I'm on it and lost about 10lb, I'm on a roll but I just can't seem to stick with it past about 3-4 days.

    Help! I'm desperate and getting really depressed.

    Thanks all
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  3. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    like many of us, you know the maintenance part is the hardest, as for the diet, once you get into ketosis it's easier. Perhaps try a gentler way in? I did two packs and a meal for 3 days, gradually cutting carbs and sugar for each meal and drinking lots of water. Day four was 3 packs and a snack and then into it fully. I still lost 11lbs that week, but didn't get that really bad hunger pang/ carb withdrawal feel. It's not a route for everyone, but worked for me, and once I had the first weigh in under my belt it got a lot easier.

    Im also finding a love for peppermint tea, keeping me warm and full.

    You've done this before, just cast your mind back to what worked before, you an do this, not long and you'll be at goal.

    Good luck and let us know how you're getting on each day.
  4. chunkychops

    chunkychops Silver Member

    Aww Caz hun...I feel your pain:sigh: This is the fourth time i've done lipo and i'm on day 13 and really really struggling..down depressed crying thinking whats the point blah know the usual lipo side effects...but im just getting to 9pm and getting to bed just to get another day under my belt. We know it gets easier, its just the head melt thing of the thought of doing it again as we've been there before that's the problem x big hugs hunni...just remember..weve done it before and can do it again :bighug:
  5. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    I'm back on a VLCD today after 8 months and defo feel your pain. I feel positive just now and am trying to remember the mantras I used last time for when the motivation dropped. I am not thinking about how much I have put back on but treating this as if it was the first time and a brand new journey. I suspect my daughter is planning to get married in the next few months - so that will hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow! Also I do not want to be dumpy when I next meet my ex husband :)
  6. Caziedalts

    Caziedalts Full Member

    Thanks for your support ladies, I appreciate it. I could kick myself! I'm going to try again next week, give myself the rest if this week and then really really try! I have a wardrobe of beautiful clothes that I can't wear!!!!

    Thanks again
    Caroline. x
  7. and

    and Silver Member

    I didn't want to start again - I hate dieting, I love food...
    I have an online calendar and put a start date on there - told my bf I was starting then...
    I thought of all sorts of reasons why I could put it off... But I promised myself I was going to start on that date and so I did.

    Maybe you could try something like that? An actual day - not a vague, 'maybe next week'.

    Good luck! :)
  8. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    I've started again today obviously its only 1.35 so i'm feeling okay atm because its only day 1. But the thought of not eating food for however long is killing me. I've aimed to go on for a month off for a week but on for a month. obviously when i'm off the diet i will do the maintenance diet.
    If you need some support maybe we can work together on this, instead of starting next week i think you should start tommorow. I mean veryones been there... the whole ooo ill start on monday or ill start next week. Next week comes and then you never start. Lets do this together your doing great so far :) x
  9. Caziedalts

    Caziedalts Full Member

    Thanks ladies, you're all so kind to take time to reply. I've done Lipotrim on and off for years, so I know the drill. For me it's more about getting my head in the right place and back in the zone. Once I'm in the zone there's no stopping me. I have to be in that zone or else I set myself up to fail. I have a printed calendar with Mondays start date, so that's when I will start my journey again. New scales bought today. I've put back on 2 stone and didnt quite get to target, so, Ideally I want to lose 3 stone, but will be happy with 2.

    Keep up the good work ladies and thanks again for your support.

  10. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    I hear you re: the zone. I feel I am there now - but have been nowhere near the zone for the last 8 months. I actually wondered if I would ever get back in there. Only on day 4 but am doing ok so far.Good luck everyone - we deserve it.
  11. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    That's the same as me, I have no chance of losing weight if my head is not in the right place. I put on 4 stone in the 8 months after I got married, but could not get my head in gear to diet. In the end I stayed off the scales as I couldn't face them, and went into denial. Til the beginning of this month when I decided to face the scales, and knew I had to do something. I was sweating at the slightest exertion, breathless, in pain, etc etc, and nothing fit me anymore and I hated myself. Finally I got my head in the right place and am now on day 23 of LT. I'm soooo glad I found this diet! I knew it would take me forever to lose the weight the normal way, which is why I put off even thinking about dieting. It would have taken me forever to lose all the weight I need to the normal way and I would get disheartened and give up. This diet is a real blessing!
    We can do this!!!
  12. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Oops repeated myself! That'll teach me to try and watch TV, talk to my husband and type a reply at the same time!LOL!
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