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ive been worrying....
when i loose a lot of weight in a week or over the next few months.. have any of you had issues with yer skin not being so elastic and leaving you with baggy bits..

im kinda dreading that...

i said after week one id start to excercise more.. i have some latin dance dvd's and the wii fit..

and the hubby has a slendertone (which we never use coz we figured it hurt a lot)...

im just worried id still be left with baggy~ness......

anyone have any good tips or stuff to help?

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I guess the baggy skin depends on the elastane in your skin. Sadly the older we get the more we lose. There are some exercises out there that will help but inevitably losing a huge amount of weight very quickly will result in some sagging. I'm 27 so really I should be ok - but I have to lose a lot so I know I'll get some.

Stomach crunches are good for building the muscle in the abdomen - this can aid with saggy-ness. And bicep and triceps curls can aid with bingo wings. x


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the thing is i get up at 6.30 have to sort the kids then be at work from 8am till 4.30pm then i go get my boys from school and nursary.. make them food and then get them to sleep....

by the time there in bed at 7pm im knackered.....

and i dont much feel like doing excercise.. all i want is my soup and curl up...:)

i know i have to though i guess id squeeze in some somewhere .........

and im 41....*cries* im bound to be baggy....:cry:
Well there is Bio-oil - this works really well on stretch marks and can lessen the droppy effect. I have horrific stretch marks as I gained 11 stone in 2 and a half years - no I wasn't just being a pie, I was very ill!

The Bio oil has lessened the stretch marks and therefore tightened up the skin. Just massage it into your troublesome areas before bed and see if that works for you. xx


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where do i get this oil.....??

i have some coco butter stuff for skin thats had excess weight loss but it dont seem to work...

my underboobs lol.. are gonna be baggy i just know...you know that lil bit of extra we all have on our ribs...
(underboobs *snigger*)

yea and i have stretch marks but thats from two babies...
Heheh Bio Oil can be found in Boots - it's quite pricey but a little goes a long way. I'm worried already about boobs sagging - mine already do! I'm thinking spaniel's ears after weight loss - I may start a Just Giving page, call myself a charity, and get people to donate for a boob lift! *grin* x
Haha, underboobs made me lol! I was worried about stretch makes with the weight loss, i put on 5 stone in pregnancy, i've just lost it (after 17 months) and have two stone to go, hence the LT. Every time i lose weight i get more and more stretch marks, i look like a road map!! I guess its just the lesser of two evils!
I'm worrying about 'sagginess' too. So I've started my battle already: building up the muscles (tight muscles=tight skin), moisturising 2xdaily with firming products i got of the internet, have a nice boob gel, seems to work well! And i read somewhere that body brushing is the best for loose skin, so started on that 1 a day too.


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Omg i so need to body brush.. its good for the celulate too.. as is all the water we are drinking

after i weigh in tomorrow my excercises start...i will get me a bodybrush... i have some creams and i bought that oil today too after work so i start with that tomorrow too...

15 weeks to a new me.. rawr..........


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Things like a seaweed wrap are really good for cleansing and toning skin too. Id try the Slendertone again too but keep it on low power till you get used to it I found it very good for the cellulite as well as the muscles last time but it needs to be done in conjunction with aerobic exercise. Swimming is good in this regard too and love makes you beautiful so I suggest you get out some romantic movies and treat yourself like a queen - you'll be glowing! Best of luck with the exercise


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as others have mentioned bio oil is great! it cost me £19.99 from boots for a 200ml bottle, but it works really well! just to warn anyone though if you want to buy your bio oil from ebay just be really carefull, alot of scammers sell it on there and it as been diluted down i got scammed with it alot of other customers also got scammed by the same seller :( , when i got it i was like hmmm this is nothing like the one from boots, same bottle etc but everything else was diff and i was £23 out of pocket for it, so just be carefull :) x


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You can get something very similiar to bio oil in Aldi's at the mo. They call it re gen oil though. I would assume its the same sort of thing and it costs about £4. Will be getting some myself soon i think.


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oooo thanks for that info LLvirgin, think ill have to have a wander down to aldi and try it out, even if its no good its only £4 , £15 cheaper than boots though if it works just as good, woohoo!! :-D X
you can get bio oil for half the price online (not ebay), check salonskincare.co.uk. I got some other cosmetics there, didnt have any problems.

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