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Baked sweet potato and...?


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I would think that b.beans would be nice. But I would hold back the cheese and try it with a little of the S. Pot. S. Pot is 'sweeter' than normal pots, so it could make it a little too rich. I love S. Pots btw!!! (I tend to mix them up with normal pots if I make SW chips otherwise on their own, I find them a bit much.) I'm interested to see what you think after you have tried it.... nom nom nom
I cut up sweet potato into cubes, cook it in the oven until the edges are nice and brown and caramelised, then mix with rice and steamed leeks and top with a little bit of grated parmesan cheese.

I loathe baked beans, so cannot tell you whether they would go.


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baked sweet potato just *adores* garlic butter - I would substitute with garlic and quark, or garlic and cream cheese (HA)
Thanks for all your suggestions! I went with some cheese and the beans in the end (ran out of time to do anything else!). Not really sure what I think!! It got very sickly towards the end so couldn't eat it all. Not sure I would have a baked one again, but will defo try it cooked in some of the other ways you guys have suggested :D


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I know the deed is now done, but I recently tried one with Asda's cottage cheese with red pepper and sweet chilli in it and it was TDF!!! It had a real kick which balanced itself out nicely with the sweetness of the SP!!X
Before SW I used to eat baked sweet potato with a REALLY strong cheddar and loads of fresh black pepper. It was delicious. You only need a small bit of strong cheese too, so would still work if you used your HEA.


Never gets tired of SW!
I had a baked sweet potato yesterday for supper and for the filling I mixed together a tin of tuna, chopped spring onion, quartered cherry tomatoes (4 of them), a little sliced red chilli, 1 tbspn Hellmans extra light mayo (1/2 syn) and 2/3 tbspn sweet chilli sauce (1 syn). Yum city!!X

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