banana and orange chocolate cheesecake

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  1. Alex0806

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    This was YUMMY! And for 250 calories each, well worth it!

    Ingredients: (for 2)

    2 dark ryvita
    2 lotus biscoff-they're 36 cals each-you can use any biscuits
    2 sachet highlights/options hot chocolate
    orange essence/flavouring
    30g weight watchers margarine
    100g quark or combination of philly ex. light and quark (alter calories accordingly)
    30mls weight watchers cream
    1/2 banana


    1) blitz ryvita and biscuits. Once crumbed, add margarine, a dash of orange essence and 1/2 of a sachet of hot chocolate.
    2) line 2 ramekins with cling film (use spray oil/butter etc to make cling stick to base of ramekin
    3) split crumb base between 2 and press down (can be tricky with spoon-i used a jar wrappen in cling to press evenly
    4) put in freezer
    5) whisk quark/philly with cream, the rest of the hot chocolate, a dash of orange essence and as much sweetener as you like
    6) put in fridge
    7) finely slice the banana
    8) use a non stick pan with fry light and gently fry the banana-very fiddly-maybe could cook whole and mash? any suggestions?
    9) take ramekins out of freezer. Lift out entire thing-base and clingfilm together
    10) put bananas in base, top with cheese filling, then place crumb base on top
    11) put back in the fridge until ready for pud!

    I'm going to experiment with different flavours and ingredients for 'base'....maybe try blitzed up cerel bars or cereal etc.
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  3. not_lar_croft

    not_lar_croft Silver Member

    thanks for that recipe sounds lush - will give it a try soon when i have all the ingredients :0)
  4. libby41854

    libby41854 Full Member

    That recipe sounds amazing!! Thanks for sharing x

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