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Banana Custard Lovers

might try it with the chocolate to make a chocolate ready brek style thing :D
:D amazing what you can make up when you are getting desperate for a different texture.
Don't forget you can add a sprinkle of cinnamon on your banana custard (if you like it) to get that really authentic flavour. Yum!

Chocolate is nice done that way as well as the basic CD porrige / semolina flavours ... toffee & walnut and vanilla.

Corey - PH is the husk of a plant that you can add to your packs to thicken them up. They're cal and carb free and also help prevent constipation as they add bulk to the diet.

Here's a link that'll give you some more info.

Psyllium Husks Digestive Fibre - 300g tub
Don't forget you can add a sprinkle of cinnamon on your banana custard (if you like it) to get that really authentic flavour. Yum!
Can we? I have never been told by LLC that we can use cinnamon....are you sure? <waiting with fingers crossed! lol)
Oooops - I was saying this for CDers ... not sure if it's the same for LL (although I can't see why not - and it IS only a sprinkle).

Best speak to your counsellors ...
tell me plze?

Hiya everybody

My LLC never told me that we are allowed PHusks on LL diet. Are we really allowed? If thats true I can't wait till tomorrow to have my shake.:D

big hug

Oh well - just when I was getting my hopes up ---- thanks for checking Corey
I'm not sure what real difference a little cinnamon would make...I might try and see if it affects me.
Cinnamon is allowed on CD and I don't think it would affect ketosis; I guess the reason for it not being allowed on LL is as Donnalou said. But would a tiny spronkle of cinnamon really drive anyone to a full blown binge any more than a LL bar would?

I'm not suggesting anyone goes against their LL counsellor but I just think it seems a bit extreme. As for the PH ... it consists of the indigestible outer husk of a plant and is carb and cal free so won't affect ketosis. I don't think I'd have been able to last on SS as long as I did without PH. A bowl of filling porrige or semolina saved the diet on many an occasion when I wanted something to eat - not drink.

I'm hoping to get back to SS soon and will be using pH from day 1.
Have you guys tried the banana shake hot. My LLC suggested it to me, I thought that she had lost it but it's delicious! I have it ever morning, with not too much water, like a hot banana custard thing, it's yummy and nice morning comfort food
It is good hot - and its also nice with a spoon of Cinnamon Hazel nut coffee or the Amaretto coffee. YUMMMY!

Also, by accident the other day, I went to make chocolate mint shake.

I had my peppermint tea all ready to blend, and I opened the cupboard to find I only had Vanilla, so thought I would try it.....and it was not half bad!

With a wee bit of imagination, it tasted like a hot murray mint!!! Kind of nice!

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