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........let me know what you think nicki9 as I have been adamant that I don't like the shakes hot but I think I will have to experiment a little more now. xx
ooohh thanks for posting this, am def gonna try it.
Wish I had some vanilla extract in the house so I could have made it tonight!
Ah well I will have to wait til monday when I go shopping.
Think I will be trying this one!


I will never give up
yum bernice the other day i made a cake with my choc shake and used half a banana to make the custard and it was so yum i was licking the bowl lol.


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Thats how I have all my shakes now, love it! I just add 1 sweetner though and microwave for 30seconds.
SammyE how much water do you use making the shakes up this way also how do you mix it before microwaving and does it come out smooth with no lumps? Soo many questions.........sorry!!!
This is how I eat my shakes to but I microwave them until they are a bit firmer - kind of like a creme bruele (sp?) consistancy.

I find that the banna shake always comes out less firm than the others no matter how litle water i use - weird!

I have never measured how much water - but its about an inch deep in a small mug/glass.

My favourite is vanillia - reminds me of spounge cake
I have just made my Banana shake up with a smaller amount of water(about 150mls), 2 x tablet sweeteners & a few drops of vanilla extract (not essence) all mixed up in a saucepan and heated whilst whisking and voila Banana custard.............it was yummy!!!!!:drool:
thank you so much for this. i am on my 1st day and the choc/orange bar i tried to eat for breakfast was awful, i thought i would not mange to eat anything else but i made this custard but with 200ml and added the sweetners/vanilla extract and i am now sitting here with it in a mug and it is not bad at all, a bit thinner than custard,more like a thick gravy consistancy but it has given me more faith that i can do this diet.

weould heating it up on the hob be classed as 'cooking' it as i believe you should only cook 1 pack a day.
Banana custard - vanilla extract or essence?

I read on the banana custard thread that the poster used vanilla ESSENCE. I can only find extract in the shops but it contains alcohol so not sure if this is the right thing?????

What's the difference?

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