Banana Icecream - YUMYUM!!


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Quick recipie from me and my boyfriend although you may already use it I thought I would post my variation :D

- 2 x banana shake packs
- 100ml cold water
- 15 ice cubes

I did two batches to do my lunch and 'pudding' I know your not meant to leave them for more than 15minutes but Ive come to no harm! Although if your worried eat straight away!

Place the 100ml of water in a smoothie blender and add the 2 banana packs blend until smooth then chill for anything up to an hour, then place in the 15 ice cubes and blend for 3-5minutes it turns 100ml into 700ml!! :eek: and reallly realllly thick! Then place it in a bowl and if you WANT place it in the freezer for 30-60mins for the ultimate ice cream experience!! :D although it can be eatten straight away! or from the blender ;)

Hope this is useful! Is gorgeous with vanilla as well! Also you can add some sweetener (pellets) if it isn't sweet enough :p

Loveyou all lots&lots!
Rachiie -ox-
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I live on CD "ice cream" and have it every day...mmmm yum! Just wish the weather would warm up a bit!

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Me too Serena - it got me through the final weeks.

My favourite was Mint Chocolate Ice Cream ( Choc Shake mixed with Peppermint tea & sweetners) It was LUSH!!!

Chcoclat/Raspberr (or Strawberry) or Choc-Banan were great too. You can make allsorts of combos! :)


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Oooh BL I think I am gonna try the Mint Choc!! Sounds divine!