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bang head against a brick wall

:cry:WTF is wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got home had my tea, and then was putting stuff away an see OPENED sausage rolls.........before i even thought it was GONE jesus!!!!!!! Today ive already had 9 syns........and that ONE stupid sausage roll was 11 syns!!!!! :cry::cry::cry:
I cant do this this week!!!!!!!!! :(
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Woh woh, slow down, now breathe! ok, I know exactly where you are coming from as im having the month and a half from hell, diet wise!

Now, this may be a silly question but when you ate the sausage roll did you forget you were on SW for a moment? Sometimes I have put stuff in my month and then registered moments later that am on SW. If thats the case then maybe you need some reminders, e.g. putting some reminders on your phone to beep throughout the day reminding you that your on SW and encouraging you to keep going.

It was only one sausage roll do not let it ruin your week. Unless its a main meal try to train yourself to stop and think before you eat. You may find that you dont really want anything.

HTH forget about it now and move on!

BTW 35lb loss is brilliant, dont forget how well you are doing!
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Want to do it this time!!
Yes you can make it through this week, just as you made it through the weeks before this one. So you had a couple extra syns, no big deal. Brush it off and plough on. One day at a time.You can do it!!! ;)
Scouzer. X
Thanks u 2!! i just having a bad week having REALLY bad cravings im ususally quite head strong dont know where its gone!!

I get weighed on Thursday i no if i really limited my syns for the next 3 days i can STS of still even have a loss!!

Thanks for the kind words! xx
Who was mean enough to put an open packet of sausage rolls in the fridge. They at least need to be outof sight!! Seriously, they are evil, just call your na,e til their gone before you know. No worries, just the one, and 3 days to pull it back.


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