Banrock station light shiraz rose from Asda really only one propoint a glass???

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - ProPoints Queries' started by xAlisonx, 4 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. xAlisonx

    xAlisonx Silver Member

    Hi, I bought a bottle of this today in Asda for £3 as I intend to use some of my weeklies to have a bottle of wine tomorrow night.

    Firstly I pointed up the whole bottle (750ml) which came in at a shockingly low 4 points. Then I pointed it up by the glass (125ml) which came in at only 1 point per glass so this method means it's only 6 points for the whole bottle which doesn't seem right as it's so low!!!??? I don't want to ruin my diet so can someone advise me please who has had this brand if I've got the points right before I indulge? thanks
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  3. xAlisonx

    xAlisonx Silver Member

    Anyone know if I've worked this out right? I've used the calculater to do it and that's what it's coming up at but I believe it's even lower than the WW wine so I was worried I'd done something wrong?
  4. traceyfizz

    traceyfizz Full Member

    Is it quite low in alcohol ? This may be why it is low point wise
  5. DanielleOD

    DanielleOD Full Member

    On the weight watchers app it's already a food item you can search. It shows the points value as 3pts per 175ml or 12pts for the whole bottle

    Hope this helps :)
  6. xAlisonx

    xAlisonx Silver Member

    Hi thanks, if that's the case I need to add an extra 6 points to my weeklies so thanks for letting me know. It's 60 cals a glass and 5.5 units of alcohol but when I enter the details into my little ww calculator it comes up at 1 point per glass (125ml). As there isn't a fibre value though I just press return on that as I presume it's zero?
  7. xAlisonx

    xAlisonx Silver Member

    Okay so I'm probably being really thick but I've just joined WW on Wednesday and have now activated the monthly membership online and I'm searching around for the food items that are listed so I can see the propoints and I can't find it. I don't have the WW app as I'm 'between' mobiles. Can anyone advise on where members look online to see food lists with propoint values? thanks
  8. colleen19

    colleen19 Member

    Don't think u can point alcohol the same as food that's why it's coming out higher. When u log in on the site it should come up with a section for u to search for food? X

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