Bars during the first week?

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by goingtosortit, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. goingtosortit

    goingtosortit Member

    Hi, just wondering if it's ok to have any bars during the first week? I know with CD it says not to at first.

    Just could do with having one today for convenience more than anything else (I'm on day 2). Have ordered a shaker but it hasn't arrived yet!

    Don't want to Jeopardise going into ketosis!!

    Thanks :)
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  3. BeeBeeSee

    BeeBeeSee Gold Member

    Hey, yes you can have the bars on the first week. The bars and other products are all the same in their nutrition and make up so it's no difference. I had to have the bars from day 1 with being on the road a lot. Never affected me. And the chocolate orange is yum!

    Good luck on your start!
  4. xsammiloux

    xsammiloux Full Member

    maybe this is a silly question but I got 2 bars free today with my delivery of exante... are the bars a meal replacement... like i can have porridge for breakfast, bar for lunch and a meal for dinner??
  5. goingtosortit

    goingtosortit Member

    Thanks! I did read your replies before, just did have time to write back. I went for the choc orange bar for lunch :) Assuming the porridge and bar for lunch should be ok? Is the porridge nice btw? I didn't order any...

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  6. goingtosortit

    goingtosortit Member

    As in porridge for breaking and bar for lunch I mean

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  7. goingtosortit

    goingtosortit Member

    Breakfast not breaking, stupid autocorrect ha

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  8. Hendricks

    Hendricks Full Member

    Yes the bars are a meal replacement. So porridge for breakfast and a bar for lunch is fine.

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  9. annalou83

    annalou83 Member

    The bars are a great way to make sure you stick to the diet I find - especially for those of us who are out and about a fair bit, or working where you don't have facilities to prep a soup/meal pack etc.

    I've often had 2 bars in one day before and it's made absolutely no difference to my weight loss. In fact, there is not really a day that goes by when I don't have a bar as one of my 3 options. As BeeBeeSee said above, the nutritional make-up is very similar across the board so it shouldn't matter what you choose.

    As with everything though, everyone reacts differently to diets so just assess your weight-loss and adjust to what you think is best :)

    Good luck with your journey - these boards are great for support so keep checking in!


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