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Bars = pain?

After two weeks on SS I had my first bar today (it took me ages to eat!) and about an hour later I started to feel really rough. I have spent most of the evening in bed with a hot water bottle on my stomach, having bad cramps. Is this normal?

Week 1 = 12 pounds lost :eek:
Week 2 = 2 pounds lost :p
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Hi FBC, Unfortunately, yes, it can be a side effect. There is something in the bars that can make this happen, I forget what it is.

I was fine on my first run at CD, my second was a nightmare with bars, I gave up on them and had frozen tetra instead.

I think it affects different people in different ways, the other side effect is wind x
Some people do have "reactions" to the bars. SOme folks get stomach upsets, some have side effects that could drive a yacht along, others get bad diarrhoea .......

But yes, it has happenned to folks before. Maybe it was the particular type of bar that you had. Some people find that they get on fine with the 'harder' bars such as the peanut or cranberry but suffer with the others.

Hope you recover soon.
I've suffered on the chewy bars - they can have a laxitive effect and contain maltitol, which plays up my fairly mild IBS. However, it took me three days of eating them and having chronic diarrhoea to work out what was doing it!!!

I nibbled on one throughout the day yesterday, rather than eat it in one go, and fared a bit better.

If you love them (as I do the malt toffee) it may be worth cutting them into small portions and eating a few hours apart to test whether this gives the same reaction.

Hope you're feeling a bit better soon
So that was what was wrong with me! At least I know now.

I shall treat the bars with caution and have a half a bar and a half a shake - or just don't go anywhere! LOL.
I sometimes get the wind :( It's usually when I've had the bars too close to the earlier meal.

It doesn't help that most of my bars are my fave, Peanut Crunch. I end up looking forward to midday meal (the bar) not long after breakfast...!
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i am also suffering with the tummy pains and wind.. its awful.. when will it go away? i had a bar tuesday night... but i also had 3 last week spread out and i didnt suffer like this? but also on tuesday i had cheese and pickle sandwich.. but thats 2 days ago... ?
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Oh my god! So they make you feel ill too? Unbelievable! Have just had my first bite of one of the 'chewy' bars, the toffee one, and it was absolutely revolting! Like fudge, which I hate! Far too sweet for me, and I have 7 of them, one for every day of the week to have at lunch time! Yuk, yuk, yuk! And if they will be making me ill too?!? Argh! I had the peanut ones last week though, and they were delicious, no problems with them at all! But my CDC had none this week. Boo! Oh well, will just have to cope!
And my weigh-in last night was dismal too - only 2.6lbs! Grr. But was doing AAMW, and was at my parents house and my Mum was pretty much force-feeding me, unhelpfully. Stuck to fruit and veg and plain chicken, but ate things like tomatoes and butternut squash which I shouldn't have done, and knocked myself out of ketosis, so I suppose it could have been worse! Am avoiding home now until I have finished SSing!
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The peanut and cranberry bars do not have maltitol in.....

I have suffered with all the above symptoms but am fine with the peanut and cranberry bars....but I suppose everyone is different..

I have often wondered does wind weigh heavy???:sick0019:


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I love the bars and don't suffer at all. My fav is the peanut one but I can't eat it in one go, must cut it up and eat it across the day whilst at work. I am gutted you others are suffering as I think they are the best thing whilst CDing - the cappachino shake is the worst as it is sooooooooo sweet and I have never taken sugar in anything so that really hit me.

I think it would be great if one time our CDers did a tasting session so we could make our choices with conviction rather than an educated guess. My CDer says " they are nice " to all the shakes and soups but I bet there are some that she finds nasty :D
Hi everyone,

I posted something similar on the cambridgedieters forum the other day; I have mild IBS and the chocolate one certainly set it off, I have not felt quite right since. Had the cranberry one yesterday which gave me wind, but nothing extra!

Whilst I am probably ok with the wind producing ones, what I have noticed is that I am now incessantly hungry...maybe the extra carbs in them?

I do like the bars, very much so, but it looks like I'll be having tetras/shakes instead from next week.
Thanks everyone. I do find the bars pretty hard going (although it is lovely to be chewing something after two weeks). They feel very ehavy in my stomach so I think that I will eat them in very small sections for the rest of the week - unfortunately I have to have them as I ordered one a day and I can't see my CDC until next Wed!


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