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Bathroom Scales - help or hindrance?

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I'm new to Slimming World but have tried plenty of diets before and I get obsessed with weighing myself. Weighing myself every morning and even weighing myself after a poo :sigh:

I have 3 options either keep the scales were they are (in the bathroom), put them away somewhere perhaps in the wardrobe and use them occasionally or give them away and keep the weigh in for class only.

What is the general view on sneaky weigh ins? Do they keep you on track or make you lose hope? :rolleyes:
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I used to do sneaky weigh ins, but I actually found that usually they either give me false hope (as mine at home weigh lower) or demoralize me (when I stay the same/gain several days consecutively.

Obviously, its ultimately up to you and what works for you, but I've found it definitely wasn't good for me! Whichever way you go, remember that the only weigh in that truly counts is the one on group night :) good luck!
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agree with above post i used to weigh myself every day.

I have thrown my scales i have away as i pay slimming world to weigh me once a week and go by there scales. it was very hard at first but now i feel better in myself. I used to not want to get weighed it my scales at home said i had put on weight and then that would lead to a downward spiral.

Hope this helps.
Option 4: take a hammer to them!

Weighing yourself obsessively is not good for your mood. Imagine you get on your scales the morning of weigh in - you've lost 4lbs - you go to weigh in- the scales say you've lost 2lbs. You are devastated - but why? You've lost 2lbs!

Or, imagine that you get on those home scales & they say you've gained. You are so upset you decide not to go to weigh in. Instead you console yourself by having a chinese, then some chocolate, then some crisps (its not working anyway so whats the point in sticking to it) You don't get back on plan the next day, or the next day, or at all. Back to where you started - still overweight & unhappy.

It might sound a ludicrous scenario, but is it anymore ludicrous than Weighing yourself after every poo? :)

Ditch the scales!! They are not your friend.
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I never sneak peak or weigh midweek as if it told me something I didn't like I'd go off track and binge with disappointment lol
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I know I'm not the only person on this site who weighs every

morning but I must be the only one who is more determined to stick

to the plan if I find I've gained.I think if I was losing all the time I'd

find it easier to say 'a bit of cake/chocolate/biscuit/indian etc won't

matter'.Because I don't see much coming off it keeps me in check. If

sticking to plan means small losses then not sticking to plan would

mean gains I'm sure.


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I don't go to group I joined online so I weigh at home on a weds morning. I do find that I do weigh myself each morning as well as its an addiction lol. I have now decided after this week I am going to be strong and try not to due to the disappointment I had this morning. Last weds I weight 11st 12lb on sat I weighed 11st 9lb yesterday I weighed 11st 11lb and this morning my official weigh in I was 11st 12lb. So I have a sts even though I believed it would of been a loss x

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I used to be an obsessive weigher! Recently i have stopped and if I am honest, its because I am scared to get on them in case i have gained. Over recent months my weight has just gone up and up. (possibly to changing contraception - i came off the pill and had the coil fitted about 10 months ago).
If anything, i find dieting easier to do when i weigh nearly every day, i agree that if i used to see a gain, i would do something about it.
In the last year, i have managed to put on a 17lbs. Whether that is the change of contraception/ changing jobs/ being really happy in relationship but i know i have avoided the scales like the plague. So if anything, i think personally, i need to weigh more often to help me.
Its all down to each individual though i think?


Always comes back to MMs!
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Ah, I am still a fully fledged Sneaky Peeker, and prob always will be to an extent... although to be fair, I've only been on once this week which is very good for me!

I used to be a lot worse, weighing up to 10 times a day (am/pm/evening/before shower/after shower/clothes on/clothes off/one leg...) seeing when I got the lowest reading but it made me depressed when I was up and made me think I could have more syns when I was down!

I now have them hidden away, and *touch wood* haven't been anywhere near as bad...

Beware! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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My own scales are rubbish!
They`ve varied wildly giving me on occasions gains of up to 7lbs in a day!!

Must admit can`t quite get out of the habit lol!! Weigh myself in Boots on Saturdays and go to group on Wednesdays!! :D


Slow and steady...
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My scales at home are utter pants but I still get on them for a looksie before I shower, I don't pay any attention to what they say though...

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throw them away!! :)

really...hopping on and off them more often than once a week is no good...

u get false hope....and major letdowns..

once a week is enough


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am/pm/evening/before shower/after shower/clothes on/clothes off/one leg

This is me but with the extended "before wee/after wee/before exercise/after excercise/first thing in the morning/last thing at night/after shopping/the second I get back in the house" remix.

My only official WI is at group and as much as I'd love the surprise of not knowing how I'd done, I just can't do it.
Maybe I'm just a control freak?!


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I am with Supergran on this... I find a daily weigh in really keeps me on track, although I am quick to chastise myself if I have gained. I think if you are losing weight fast and have quarter pounds its really good to see half a pound or more coming off daily. But I think if you were looking for a slow long term loss then I think the weekly would be a bigger boost!
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I am doing SW at home, and weigh in every tuesday on my bathroom scales (which are WW scales, teehee) but I do sometimes sneak a peek. I think if you can keep in mind that your weight changes daily and at different times of day then it doesn't really matter, but if it upsets you too much to see a gain then don't do it. Personally if I have a sneaky look I feel great if there's a loss and a bit down if there's a gain - but I keep in mind what I just said about weight fluctuating and i just use it as determination to be extra good :D

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Its totally up to the person. I get weighed multiple times a day - usually when I get up, after Ive been to the loo and sometimes at night too or at random times. (I also hop on and off two or three times in the morning to make sure its giving me similar readings :D )

But it just doesnt bother me what it says as I know it varies so much throughout the day and between days and Im only interested in the long term number, or the end of the month rather than the week. I think it works better for me like this than if I *did* only weigh once a week as I can be prepared if its not a great week and not curl up in horor and stuff myself with comfort food/refuse to eat for the next 3 days :confused:

But Im the sort of person who needs control and who likes to be warned in advance of stuff especially if its not pleasant. I dont deal with surpises well :D And if I *didnt* get weighed daily Id spend all week worrying whether t was good or bad and probably just not eat.

But thats just me and I admit Im a freakoid. :D Different stuff works for different people :)

Mrs jk

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Personally if they are good scales with body fat measures I think they are great. To stop myself weighing in too much though my Mums WI is a Sunday so she has them from Sat -Wed and I have them for my Thurs WI... daft but it works for me!!


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I dont and have never own scales :) I pay to get weighed every week so not going to start weighing myself and deceiving the point regardless of whether I have gained or lossed :) Too much torture for some women... I couldnt put myself through what some people do!! xxx


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Mrs jk said:
Personally if they are good scales with body fat measures I think they are great. To stop myself weighing in too much though my Mums WI is a Sunday so she has them from Sat -Wed and I have them for my Thurs WI... daft but it works for me!!
Weigh in on a Sunday? I wish. I'm ALWAYS lighter on a Sunday!

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