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Bathroom Scales Recommendations

Hi all,

I saw LisaC's thread called "Scales Recommendations" and eagerly entered it hoping for some good tips on accurate bathroom scales. Sadly Lisa was looking for kitchen scales but got some good advice.

Here's hoping someone can help me with my quest for some decent bathroom scales as I never seem to have any luck.

I have an electronic one that gives a different measurement everytime I get on it - even seconds apart! I also have some mechanical ones that I love as they always weigh me 7lb less than the electronic pair BUT neither ones weigh me anywhere near my SW consultants scales.

I KNOW we shouldn't weigh ourselves at home - but I just would like to have something to keep an eye on mid week that relates somewhere near the SW scales.

Can anyone help?
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I have a decent set from Argos - they are WW 'branded' ones and cost around £20 I think. They're glass, with silvery bits on and weigh in quarter lbs. Mine are pretty consistent and weigh very similar to my class scales.


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My husband bought some all singing/dancing scales from Lakeland for what I call ALOT of money! They are no more accurate than the old ones! And I really don't want to know my percentage body fat :eek:
I have these ones - Buy Salter Slim Black Glass Scale. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for .

(i think it's those anyway.. they look identical!).. and they're fab! they weigh exactly the same as my SW scales, give or take 1/2lb occasionally.

They work in lbs, kgs, and stones. They measure in 100g increments for the kg weight and god knows what for the lbs and stones.. but it would say something like 15st 8.4lb so i suppose a 10th of a lb increments?
To determine the accuracy of scales, get on them 20 times in a row and write down the range of weights given. A good scale should have a tolerance of no more than a quarter of a pound. If it's more than that, return them and get a refund because they're not doing the job they're supposed to do! (Got that tip from an engineer, incidentally.)

I have a very good electronic scale by Homedics, the best one I've had in terms of consistency/accuracy. It's a basic step-on-and-get-your-weight scale, no whistles or bells, just does the job. If I remember rightly I got it from Amazon, paid about £30.

The material your scale is made of can affect the accuracy of the reading, by the way. Apparently glass scales are the worst. Mine is made from stainless steel and ceramic tile, which are supposed to be the best conductors of the electronic signal, or summat.


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I have silver electrical ww scales, they are really good and measure the half pounds too. I hate that different scales weigh different grrrrr
Hi Hopefulbigchap,
I agree with ilovelife and HellieCopter, I too have the WW glass scales and I find them to be very accurate and they are reasonably priced from boots or argos.

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