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Battle of the bulge! Take 2!

Hi Kirsty,
I dont know how much you have to lose but hopefully we can support each other, I start Jan 1st but want to make sure I get rid of the weight once and for all. Best of luck and hope to hear from you soon x
Hiya =) that would b great thanks!! I'm 5"7 and 14.2 im very much overweight but my height gives me a little grace!! I'm 21 and i am not very confident in my own skin, I'm hoping 2 lose around 2 and a half stone on slimming world, I know so many people who have lost alot of weight thanks to Sw and they look fantastic!! Thanks so much for replying and i wish u luck for January!! It's not easy trying to lose weight but with help and support it's a whole lot better!!


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I started slimmingworld around October time and have found itreally good so far. I also took a break over Christmas and although haven't had an official wi yet think I have put on around the 3lb mark. I am sure we will get this and lots more weight off in the new year, I have a fair bit to go yet, but am determined this time.


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Heya! I've heard good things about slimming world too, hope it works out for you.
2.5 lbs over xmas is nothing, you'll soon get rid of that!
Best wishes.
Well I'll be putting all my stats up tomorrow! and I have alot more to lose than you kirsty but we can do this xx SW is a good diet I personally believe that if you find what works for you then great and dont worry if you have gained am sure it will be off in no time!! Happy New Year and here s to 2011! xx The year that we will be slim..
I had my weigh in 2day and I lost 3lbs! I'm over the moon! :) our class did a new members talk today and it really helped me, she really got through 2me. I'm all set for a week of slimming. Xx
Well done Kirsty x I do my weigh in tomorrow but its looking good. Hope you have another good week:D
Hey girlies I had my weigh in this morning I lost 2lbs! Hopefully I'll have another 2 next week and thatl b haf a stone! =) I'm really enjoying Sw this time, I started bk at a different class and the consultant really gets through to me!! Iv started applying 2my choice Uni's so things are starting to shape up! I broke my ankle last year and had to leave my midwifery course and was very disappointed, my ankles still a tad weak but I'm gettn there! :) thanks everyone for your support!

Happy slimming!!
Kirsty x

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