Bday present ideas for kids


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Action figures for boys + kids make up/dress up set for girls?

I have to buy for a 3 year old next month got no clue what to get.. kids are so hard to buy for :(


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How much are you thinking of spending. I have a 10yr old boy so may be able to come up with some ideas.

Happy Holidays

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For girls I used to buy creative things, like bead making sets, or baking sets, but can't remember what I used to buy 10 year old boys. Does he have a DS or something simlar & maybe you could buy him an accessory for that. Or maybe a token gift say some 'wicked' socks & money.


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I have a 6 year old girl and she loves things like kids make up and jewellery. She also loves crafty kits- you can get a huge range of 'paint your own' kits like mugs ,piggy banks etc.
other than that Polly poket wins hands down in our house-toys r us carry quite a range and the sets very to suit your purse


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Thanks for the suggestions so far. I was thinking of spending between £10-15. Need to get the gift tonight as the party is tomorrow. Might pop down to Toys-R-Us to see what they have.

For a 3 year old....they love train sets :)