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Be skinny for October - 10 mini week challenges to boost weight loss

Ok so I go on the holiday of a lifetime in October and I have knuckled down to the diet really late so I need to try something fairly drastic to lose as much weight as possible. So I scoured the forums and found 10 mini challenges and thought.... 10 weeks... 10 challenges... can't do any harm right? I weigh in on Tuesday so will start next week after that... and they will go in this order:

Week 1 - Exercise at least 20 mins per day

Week 2 - Eat no chocolate all week (kind of a personal challenge as I always eat too much of the stuff)

Week 3 - Speed soup week

Week 4 - Red week

Week 5 - Fish week

Week 6 - No alcohol week

Week 7 - 100% week (and also around 5 syns per day)

Week 8 - Green week

Week 9 - Scan bran week

Week 10 - Success Express week

I'm aiming for 2lbs per week loss so 20lbs before 5th October. Who's with me?

**Updated** Taking up the challenge are....

_Ally_ weighs Tuesdays 0lbs lost at week 0
Piink Punkstarr x
Lil Mrs Sunshine
Geemav Wednesdays 0lbs lost at week 0
Cammy98 weighs Tuesdays 0lbs lost at week 0
Tazzypop weighs Tuesdays 0lbs lost at week 0
Rootsfran weighs Tuesdays 0lbs lost at week 0
TB1972 Weighs Mondays 0lbs lost at week 0
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ill join you but i cant for first 4 weeks as im just recovering after my tummytuck , not looking to loose weight (already lost 17 stone )but i need to tone up and get my bodyshape in check by november so ill stick with you if this is ok..
ill join you but i cant for first 4 weeks as im just recovering after my tummytuck , not looking to loose weight (already lost 17 stone )but i need to tone up and get my bodyshape in check by november so ill stick with you if this is ok..
Absolutely fine and you are more than welcome :D Do you want to let us know how you get on and look to join us at week 5? You can always go to week 1 after week 10 rather than starting at the beginning? Obviously up to you, it would be nice for us all to track our progress, share recipes and motivate each other though.
Week 1 - Starts 26th July Exercise at least 20 minutes every day. I plan on trying to do something different every day too which, is easier being a member of the gym and having a Wii! Completely your choice what you do though.

Week 2 - Starts 2nd August No Chocolate Week
Eat your normal syns but no chocolate or chocolate flavoured foods

Week 3 - Starts 9th August Speed Soup Week
1 can mixed bean salad
1 can green lentils
2 cans chopped tomatoes
1 can baked beans
handful split lentils
2 large leeks
1 large onion
4 medium carrots
2 parsnips
1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow pepper
2 beef stock cubes
salt and pepper
mixed herbs
enough water to cover

Chop all veg, bring to the boil and simmer until soft

Eat when you want but I plan to eat a bowl a day

Week 4 - Starts 16th August Red Week
Stick to red days all week

Week 5 - Starts 23rd August Fish Week
Avoid meat all week and eat as much fish as possible.

Week 6 - Starts 30th August No Alcohol Week
Avoid alcohol all week.

Week 7 - Starts 6th September 100% week
Stick to plan 100%. I plan on enjoying approximately 5 syns per day

Week 8 - Starts 13th September Green week
Stick to green days all week

Week 9 - Starts 20th September Scan Bran Week
Eat 5 scan bran every day for the week. Either as healthy extra or synned.

Week 10 - Starts 27th September Success Express Week
Have 3 meals per day. Each meal must have 2/3 of the plate full of superfree foods. 1/3 of the plate must be free foods from either green, original or EE plan. Enjoy healthy extras as normal. Any snacks in between meals must be either superfree or syn free yogurts. Enjoy 5-15 syns per day but always count the higher value.

And that takes us to 4th October... the day before my big holiday! Looking forward to seeing how we all get on.
I would love to. I am off to New York on October 10th - the same reason I want to loose weight. 11 weeks today until I fly. Bring on the challenge.
Welcome to the challenge ;)


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I'll join you- but might swap red week for and extra green week (veggie)
Class is weds night( although can't make this week) and on oct 22nd- it's my bd and would love to be 20 lbs lighter - so here we go!
Oohh count me in, I return to work on the 4th October after maternity and would love to be 20lb lighter x
Welcome to Holly and Geemav. Got a real group going now which will certainly keep us all motivated! So... week 1... will you plan or just go by the day? I work shifts so really need to plan. Will post my week 1 schedule later :)
Donzy and Shirleen.... welcome on board. I'll add all our names to the first post so we can keep track of how we are getting on.
Please may I join too? I also weigh in on a Tuesday and have been struggling big time! I am going to Dubai on the 6th October for my God daughter's wedding....EEEK, I will see people there I haven't seen for about 10 years and boy are they in for a shock!!! Would like to minimise this if poss x
Fab idea. Id love to join in too. Im not sure i can do the scan bran week as i dont attend classes (i assume this is where theyre from) but im up for the rest.

Can you buy scan bran anywhere else?

Do you want us to give our details/stats etc or shall we just chit chat amongst ourselves. Really looking forward to a challenge.

Im new to SW and have only been doing red days. Is the super speed soup a green recipe?

Also i could probably do with some pointers on green days if im to do that week. Keen to try it out though.

Wheres the holiday of a lifetime to? Good Luck with it and congrats on a great plan. x
Great challenge, is it Ok to join in??

My WI is Tuesday and I'm rejoining (again) tonight after missing the past 4 weeks due to other commitments. I need a challenge to really get my focus back and keep me on track.

I go away with the girls for a long weekend this week and am on a family holiday 20th August but should be able to stick to the challenges. The only one I'll have a real struggle on is the no alcohol so will start this one day late as the last day of our holiday is the 30th.

Good luck everyone

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