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Beachbody journey join me!!!

S: 13st8.0lb C: 13st8.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
HI , Ive recently lost alot of weight, 6 stones to be exact. through that ive gained my new found love for excersise and fitness. while loosing weight like most of you i did alot of research in dieting the best diet, fat loss pills and the right excersises to loose weight. the truth i found was diets are a head ache, pills dont work and certain exersises are alot better for fat loss. which i then came across amaricas beachbody workout dvds. a company who makes 50 million dollar a year on selling these dvds, results speaks for them selves, which means i dont need to boast about them im sure by now alot of yous have come across or own at least one, to name a few Turbo jam, insanity p90x? sounds familiar ? that p90x was in bruno mars song (today i dont feel like doing anything) Anyway ive just recently completed slim in 6 but i could of done it properly but still lost a stone and gained muscle definition on my thighs and bum. my propblem is my stomache i still have body fat percentage and unfortunetly carry all this on my stomache. im going to start a beachbody journey where im going to complete all of the beachbody dvds ive got, and loose the body fat percentage and get toned. id like to have buddies to join me for motivation and insparations, those of you who dont know about the programes please visit thier website om www.beachbody.com.
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Les Mills Fitness Freak
S: 10st0lb C: 8st13lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 20.2 Loss: 1st1lb(10.71%)
i use insanity, but not everyday.
i dont get to use fitness dvd's so often (live at home, with parents who like to watch tv- and theres only enough room in the living room sadly) so i use it whenever i get the chanch too.

love it though, its so intense!
S: 12st4lb C: 11st11lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 0st7lb(4.07%)
That work out looks incredible! At the moment I'm doing the 30 day shred but maybe in the near future I'll save up some pennies and buy the p90x. By the way, milkshake junkie, your display picture is amazing. You look incredible.
S: 13st8.0lb C: 13st8.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi girlies, wow gina you must be super fit i tried doing the fitness test on the insanity but that killed me so i decided to start small and work my way up. my goals to complete all my beachbody programs, inbetween train for the half marathon and then the full, and then to do the big guy. THE TRIATHLON. Thank you crazy cat lady. ive got before pictures of me on a family holiday and i didnt relise how huge i was but back then i knew i was fat but thought i still looked good ha ha, big difference now on my before and after pics people dont reconise me. Ive put the pics up so people can be motivated and think if i can do it so can they. god!! the last time i sat here and browsed through minimins looking for advice was when i was weighed 16 stone i never thought in a millions years if i ever would reached the stage where ill be telling people on here " yep ive done it!! lol. Hey katty how long have you been doing the 30 day shred now? and how is that going for you?


Full Member
S: 16st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 31.5 Loss: 1st10lb(10.39%)
Hi milkshakejunkie,just wanted to stop by and say you look fabulous and must be so proud of yourself,well done...xx


Les Mills Fitness Freak
S: 10st0lb C: 8st13lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 20.2 Loss: 1st1lb(10.71%)
the fitness test was very tough, i did it but i admit to having little breaks.
was the first one i tried (insanity) i want to go straight to the longer exercises straight away!
S: 13st8.0lb C: 13st8.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
right ive changed my mind. im not going to do the beachbody programs considering not everyones got the workouts. so im going to do my 13 week body transformation using the other 13 accesible workout dvds using JM 30 day, JM no more trouble zones, JM banish fat boost metabolism, jm 6 pack 6 weeks, davinas super fit, power 3, body buff, clare nazir bootcamp, hannah watermans body blitz, and mel b totally fit. ive taken my before and after picture again, alls i want is to lose body fat, lose the stomache, get toned and super fit. any one care to join me? even if you dont have all the dvds, maybe what ever everyones has ill start with you. xx

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