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beat the boredom time - choose shoes!


Slowly but surely x



Gold Member
hun i love them all!
im such a shoe person!!!
we are going shopping tomorrow!! eeeekkkkk please dont let me spend too mcuh!


Slowly but surely x
i know! I have a small budget for shopping but a huge budget for nando's xx


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are you brining your packs and wizza or have you got a premade shake? or are we having nandos for lunch....


Slowly but surely x
um im bringing a pack, a wizza and a bar for the ride home - so nados for lunch


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ok sounds fabbo!!!! i will do the same.... :) yayayaya cant wait!!


Slowly but surely x
i havent actually heard you speak yet - this is going to be weird
where the hell are we meeting, by the way?!
let me look at where we can, tonight and i will let you know...
make sure your phone is all charged!!!

dont be disapointed ... i dont sound like an aussie anymore.
I just want to be able to walk into a shoe store and try on a pair of knee high boots and be able to ZIP THEM UP!!
@ Rumbly & Kes

I hope your meet tomorrow isn't like internet dating where the chemistry is great "online" but dies a death when you meet :p Some of the tactics I went to to "escape" such dates are unreal!

(I'm sure you'll have a blast though!)
Ahhh, shoes...shoes....the sluttier the better. The only reason I don't own these is I don't have €775.

Product zoom | NET-A-PORTER.COM

Yes they are Jimmy Choos. Yes, I will buy them when I win the Lotto tonight. Oh, I mean the EuroMillions!

For the record, I also don't have €1650 for these Gucci boots. Yes, it's ludicrous to pay so much for anything that is a luxury. But they are just YUM.

Hiya, oh Rumbly, I love those shoes!!!!

I love chunky shoes so the wedge boots in your pic are my favourite. I've never had a proper pair of heels though. I'd be scared of falling over! LOL. :D

I would definitely love a pair of knee high boots that I can do up. Fingers crossed!
I love the all mentioned shoes.. wow. I'm begining to think I have a problem....

I chose my shoes in the pic below before I chose that dress.... sad I know. Lol

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