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Because I yo yo.....

S: 12st8lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st10lb(5.68%)
.......I feel setting any kind of target is a bit demotivating. My stats say it all really, I feel that even ending the year lighter than I started it isnt even doable anymore. This yoyoing is really driving me mad and I've not got anywhere. Perhaps I'm too 'all or nothing' but when I do allow myself syns I want more and more. Also rebellion is deep rooted with me, so I radically need to get out of that cycle too. Anyone ANY ideas ?

Is there anyone who has been a real yoyoer, I mean really up and down losing the same few pounds for many months/years ? Anyone over come this and have any practical ideas on how.

I'm starting to wonder if SW is the way forward for me now or not. Sorry for such a grumpy post, but I'd really appreciate any help/ideas !

Thank you all x
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I'm not a yo-yo dieter, I'd never 'dieted' before joining SW.

But what I do is try & subsitute those things which I used to have, eg low fat yoghurts instead of full fat; tomato/whizzed cottage cheese dressing instead of mayo; 100ml glass of wine in eve instead of large glass; using less oil in cooking............

What food do you go for when you go off plan?

Have you taken a look through the diaries on here to see if you can get some ideas on yummy foods to eat & perhaps some low syn treats.

Don't set yourself targets if they don't work, just do what you can & take each day at a time.

You can do this you have our full support.:)


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S: 9st9lb C: 8st8lb G: 8st5lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 1st1lb(11.11%)
For me the key is menu planning. I find it helps me if I know what I am going to be eating over the next week so that I can buy the foods I need for those meals rather than buying whatever takes my fancy when I'm shopping. I only plan my evening meals. For breakfast I usually have porridge made with water and then a muller light yoghurt stirred in. I then microwave it for about 10-15 seconds just to warm the yoghurt. I also usually have some fruit on it.

Lunch is always something easy like home made soup, jacket pot & beans, or salad of somesort.

It also helps not buying any junk food when I go shopping so it isn't in the house to tempt me! I snack on fruit, yoghurt and free food. But the one thing which really works with the weight loss is to ensure that you do have your Syns each day. I found I just wasn't losing if I didn't use them every day.

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S: 12st8lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st10lb(5.68%)
Thanks Happy Holidays and Denise! Having had a cr*ppy week, I've come out of it the other side and do feel more positive, but still not setting any more targets.

Happy Holidays- Thanks for your ideas, I tend to overeat on healthy extras mostly !

Denise- I love planning too, it definitely helps. Oh I do have my syns, I'm not all or nothing in that respect. By all or nothing I mean just about managing to stick to plan (with 2xHA, 2xHB and all my free food and syns) or falling off plan.

Thanks again x


rainbows holiday buddy :)
gobolino i've had a similar year to you - i've gone up and down all year on SW and Celebrity Slim and i've finally come back to SW.

altho i'm motivated right now i know i will struggle eventually (usually around the 2 stone mark). i have some deep seated issues/blocks that i still can't work out so i've asked my parents to pay towards hypnotherapy for me which i hope to have in the new year.
S: 17st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 12st4lb Loss: 5st2lb(29.39%)
I usually have small goals even though I know I want 5 - 6 stone off before next August .... I work on loosing to the next half of stone which is really helping me but I also think that you have to be in the right mindset to loose weight, if u have alot of other things going on, its really hard to stay on track.

Good luck with your weight loss xxxxx

Trish x
S: 12st8lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st10lb(5.68%)
Hi Karen - what a good idea, I think hypnotherapy will definitely help. Quite different, but I've been having reflexology to sort out and balance my hormones, which should help with the biological side of things! I really hope it goes well for you. Something to look forward to in the new year x

Hi Trish, yep you're right your head does need to be in the right place to lose weight. But also I think that you can overthink about losing weight and if you can take the focus off the numbers on the scales and bring it back to healthy eating and feeling good about yourself, then the weight loss will follow (hence part of the reasoning for not setting any more goals). But saying that different things work for different people, oooh what a great incentive you have with a holiday next August x

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