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Becky's new start food diary ** photos added**

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Starlight93, 21 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Hi everyone :)
    I rejoined slimming world last night and determined to stick to it this time. I have done it in the past and managed to lose four stone but due to a hectic last few months at uni I put 1.5 stone back on so am starting afresh.
    I have around seven stone to lose
    I am a vegetarian so only do green days

    Breakfast: 2 x weetabix (hexb) with skimmed milk (hexa) and fruit
    Snack: Apple and watermelon. Club cake bar (5 syns)
    Lunch: stir fry vegetables with noodles (dried). Soy sauce and chili powder
    Snack : 4 x dry ryvita dark rye (hexb)
    Dinner; jacket potato with low fat spread (1.5 Syns) and salad with vinaigrette dressing (1 syn)

    Snack: crisps (4 syns)
    Drinks: diet Pepsi, sugar free squash, tea with mill from allowance and sweetener

    syns; 11.5
    Total syns: 11.5/105

    Worried I am eating too much but will have to wait and see.
    Last edited: 26 August 2014
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  3. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!

    Hi Becky,
    I'm restarting SW (again) in Sept, although I'll be doing it from home.

    I've got about 5 stones to lose so maybe we could help each other?

    I used to like alternating my days and loved green day too so hopefully I'll get some inspiration from your ideas.

    Hope you have a good day :)
  4. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Hi Sarah, yes of course :) I'm trying to be more creative this time round as I get bored sticking to the same foods, so I hope my food diary gives you some good ideas and would be interested if you have any green day recipes you would like to share :D . Just tried a vegetarian version of the diet coke chicken recipe and I have to say it was delicious and will definitely be making it again.
    Have had one of those days where I seem to be hungry all the time but I have snacked on all free foods so at least I am making better choices than I did before joining :D
    Anyway onto my food diary :)
    Day 2 22/08/14

    Breakfast: 2 x weetabix with skimmed milk and fruit - am struggling to think of other breakfast ideas as I never feel like cooking in the mornings and I do not currently have any scales to measure out different cereal.

    Snack: More fruit and some cherry tomatoes. Mug shot

    Lunch: Jacket potato with low fat spread (1.5 syns) and salad with dressing (1 syn)

    Snack: More fruit and Pops crisps - 4 syns

    Dinner: Diet coke chicken with rice - substituted the chicken for quorn pieces and added in vegetable stock instead of beef. This was absolutely delicious and I would definitely recommend it! It tastes so much better than it sounds.

    Snack: Watermelon, hot chocolate (2 syns) and club cake bar (5 syns)
    syns = 13.5
    Total syns = 25/105

    Have only had one health extra A and one healthy extra B today. I struggle with what to have as a second healthy extra A as I am not a big fan of cheese. Also do not know what to have as a second healthy extra B.
    Will have to have a look through my books again in the morning and get some more ideas :D
    Last edited: 24 August 2014
  5. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Planning ahead today as been looking back through my book for ideas :) Subject to change but will update if this happens :)

    Breakfast: weetabix with skimmed milk, apple and watermelon - really need to start mixing my breakfasts up a bit will perhaps have fruit and yoghurt tomorrow instead :D
    Lunch: Left over diet coke quorn with noodles and salad (1 syn) :)
    snack:ff yogurt
    Dinner: Probably be making pasta and sauce - home-made sauce: passata, quorn, tomatoes, mushrooms, chilli powder, garlic.
    Snacks: doctor who is on tonight so saving my syns for snacks during this although I will probably be too engrossed in it to eat ;) - club bar (6 syns) and crisps (4 syns) 2 x ryvita (HEXb)
    Syns: 11
    Total syns: 36/105

    I must say I am feeling so much healthier and more energetic since starting slimming world. Had a sneaky weigh on the scales earlier and they say I have put on a pound so am slightly worried that I am eating too much so may try and cut down on the fruit as really hoping for a big loss as it is my first week! If anyone has any suggestions that would be fab x
  6. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    Just popping in to sub x
  7. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Hi MelonCollie :)

    Ended up going out for dinner today and am very happy that I managed to stay on plan :) Ended up having jacket potato and beans (no butter) with some salad. Even left the coleslaw so was syn free :D Then when everyone had desert I had a cup of lemon tea with half a sugar (0.5 syns).
    Also ate 4 alphabet letter sweets (unsure on syns but they are tiny so guessing around 3 syns at the very most to be safe.
    Also ended up having crisps (4 syns) but not the chocolate bar.
    Hot chocolate (2 syns).
    Syns today = 10.5
    Total syns = 35.5 :)
  8. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Been a busy day today as went down to the seaside with my family. None of the restuarants offered healthy food so I ended up going to the arcades whilst they ate as I wasn't feeling very hungry anyway :) Did end up having a small toffee fudge icecream though which I am counting as a full days syns and will have slightly less than usual tomorrow just in case it was more :)
    Breakfast: Orange, nectarine and activia ff vanilla yoghurt.
    Snack: Toffee fudge icecream (one small scoop on a cone) - ~ 15 syns.

    Lunch: 4 x ryvita with cottage cheese when I got home (HEXb).

    Dinner: Pasta with homemade sauce: passata, quorn, tomatoes, mushrooms, pepper, chilli powder & garlic.
    Syns today = 15
    Total syns = 50.5/105 :)
    Still need to have my hexa and second hexb so may have a glass of milk later or some weetabix with milk if I am feeling hungry.:)
    Last edited: 24 August 2014
  9. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Bit of a lazy day today so ended up getting up too late for breakfast.

    Lunch: diet coke quorn with noodles. Apple
    Snack. Mini ryvita salt and Vinegar hexb I think
    Dinner: not completely sure but probably omelette and salad as both of these have to be used up today :)
    Syns: freddo bar (5) hot chocolate (2). Maybe something else. Not sure yet
    Milk hexa

    Attached Files:

  10. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    looks yummy! :D
  11. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Thanks :) am starting to add pics in :D

    Just adding on what I have eaten today.
    HEXB: 2 x alpen light bars
    Chocolate - 9 syns
    Dinner: Salad and omelette (1 syn for dressing)
    Apple and orange

    Syns today - 10
    Total syns - 60.5/105 :)
    Will be having a go with the magic pancakes in the morning :D Hope they are nice :)

    Am starting to increase my exercise by walking everywhere and more often - will be joining my local gym soon if it isn't too expensive, if not will take up jogging :D (in the dark of course ;) )

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    Last edited: 25 August 2014
  12. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    You need to be careful or I'll be coming over for tea, lol. ;)

    OH think's I'm a ninny for taking photos of alot of stuff that I eat haha.

    Gym is a good idea. :) I want to join but every time I think about it there's too much month left at the end of the money. :( boo hoo lol
  13. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Haha thanks :D yes my family think I am strange when I start taking pictures of my food :p
    I have just graduated from university so do not actually have a job yet. Fingers crossed I get one soon then I'll have no excuses about joining the gym lol x
  14. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    hehe. :)
    What did you studdy at uni?
  15. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Psychology :)

    Had a go at making the magic pancakes today and they were yummy. Will definitely be making them again

    Breakfast. Magic pancakes with fruit
    Lunch. Jacket pot with cottage cheese and salad.


    Snack. 2 Alpen light bars and glass of skimmed milk.

    Dinner pasta and home made sauce. IMG_20140826_200948297.jpg

    Snack: pops crisps (4 syns) and freddo bar (5 syns).

    Got weigh in tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed for a loss :D
    Last edited: 26 August 2014
  16. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    You could have some cheese for your B choice. Maybe do a quorn lasagne, or a veg lasagne and use the B cheese on top. I love cheese in mashed potatoes myself.. Soft cheese on ryvita?
  17. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Good idea! Thanks :) Will have to buy some cheese next time I do a shop x
  18. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    I'm here to sub too Becky!
    If you eat them, have you thought about adding lentils or beans as a change for quorn? Sometimes I sprinkle pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds or nuts on my salads...they can be a HexB. Just some thoughts....:D
  19. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Hello janetelizabeth :) Have never thought of using lentils or beans in my cooking, will have to look up some recipes, thanks :)
    Ooooh didn't realise they could be used a a hexb, will have to get some :D

    Have edited today's food diary to include photos and have updated what I have eaten.
  20. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    The lentils etc are actually on the free list, so eat away!! And eggs...so much goodness in them for us green plan members.
    In the green book...the Hex B choices are on several pages...the nuts are there too.
    Last edited: 26 August 2014
  21. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Full Member

    Brilliant. Thankyou. Will have to have another read through my book :) x

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