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Becoming a Counsellor


can see the end in sight!
good luck! let me know what training involves. am thinking of becoming one in Australia when i go back in December. would be a great incentive to keep the weight off!
Just wanted to say Good Luck! I am hoping that will be me in a few months time! :) Hope it goes well. x


Living the Life
Hi All

I am going on my Training course on Sat in Northampton and just wondering if anyone else was booked on that one too. Also quick question that my Sponsor cant seem to answer what is the fee for a "Business Pack" for and what is the Annual Renewal Fee ?

The fee for your business pack is the cost of your brief case containing all the basic forms etc to get you started. Every year you have to pay a renewal fee to keep you registered as a CDC.

Hope this helps. I was a CDC in England before I moved to Portugal. No CD here boo hoo.


Back again!!
Hi Jo

I'm on the course too, really looking forward to it, I'm travelling up to Northampton the night before by train (4 hour trip) as I don't fancy driving all that way on my own. Are you going on your own??
Hi Tracey - Great a friendly face, yes I am going on my own - i will be driving down in the morning as I only live in Nottingham. Will you be on your own


Back again!!
Yes, I am on my own too, luckily I have family in Northampton so I am travelling down on Friday afternoon and staying with them overnight. I don't even know where it is or what time it starts as I haven't had the information yet, waiting for the postie to come. Maybe we could meet at the venue just before it starts. xx
Hi Tracey its at the Northampton Marriott Hotel and its starts at 9am til 4.30pm quite a full day by the looks of it, you need to pay your business pack fee before as it is £10 extra if you pay on the day ( give Emma Lowe a call I did and paid mine over the phone )xx
YAY....postmans just delivered my pack, going to give Emma a call and pay over the phone, says training starts at 9.30 but looks like everyone meets for breakfast snacks at 9.00. Will make sure I have my porridge before I get their as I am on 810 at the mo. This is so exciting, really looking forward to the training, shall we meet at 9am then? I'm going to go and get something new to wear cause I haven't bought many new clothes since starting CD. xx
Hi Jo, I couldn't pay over the phone as Emma was off today but was told to bring all the paperwork with me (apparently they don't do the £10 charge anymore). I shall be there from 9am, I'm about 5'4" tall, short blond hair and will be wearing jeans with my black uggs not too sure what top yet! xx
hey Jo,
Thanks for the request and for finding me. You are a little bit ahead of me -- I am STILL waiting for my CDC to get my application form!! Although I am based down on the south coast near Brighton I so wish I was driving up to Northampton and joining you two on Saturday! Please tell me all about it. I wonder if I will have to go to Northampton too or if there is one nearer?

Aiming to lose my last stone on SS+, just as I have lost all my weight. Here goes!

It's so great to find people at the same stage as me! Best of luck with it all.
Hi Tracey, Ok matey I will look out for you - hopefully we will be there for 9am, my friend Linda is now coming on the course aswell, I am quite tall 5" 11 and have shoulder length dark brown hair x linda is 5"4 with short blonde hair - not too sure what I will be wearing though xxx
Hope you all have fun, I'm really considering becoming a CDC when I've got myself down to my goal weight, my CDC is the most inspiring person in the world, and I know I wouldn't have even got through the last 4 days without her... I can only hope I'll be half as good as her!
Do they do the training all over the UK you go to the nearest one to you? Just wondering, not sure if I will ever go for CDC but as I am in Northern Ireland where would I need to go?

How long is the course?
Hi Jo, Just off to catch my train.....looking forward to meeting you and your friend tomorrow. xx
Well Tracey and I completed our course on Sat in Northampton x It was a great day with lots of information just got to complete my questionnaire and post it back now !!!

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