Becoming a vegetarian will help lose weight and waken me up?

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by shaniking, 30 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. shaniking

    shaniking New Member

    i need to shed 20 pounds off left, i already know about exercise, I exercise 40 min. 5 times a week. But whenever I eat meats I feel too tired for work outs and want to stop but when ever I eat healthy that day i can run the whole way through. So my question is should i become a vegetarian because it could have health benefits, give me energy, like would there be any health risks at all?
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  3. manishak

    manishak Member

    I am a vegetarian. And I've never felt as if I am low on energy or have any health issues. But you need to consult your medical health care expert as to why you feel tired after eating meat. None of my non-vegetarian friends have ever said that...
  4. Veggie_Girl

    Veggie_Girl Full Member

    I'm a life long veggie and alas I'm 5st overweight, so it doesn't always follow that veggies are skinny! I don't have problems with energy though.
  5. 366to266

    366to266 Wanna lose 100lb

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