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Been on holiday had blow out


I want to be fitter again
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I had decided before I went away to Greece I was going to eat anything I fancied and cope with the weight gain. Yes I put on 9lbs mostly due to excess of olive oil on everything and loads of feta cheese big chunks of wholemeal bread with real butter and big big olives.
Came home went straight SW food shopping and threw away any remains I had from my journey eg bread sticks and some sweets.
My problem is my appetite has increased massively and my usual meals aren't filling me up. last night I had half a plate of green beans carrots and cauliflower with some chicken and new potatoes but my tummy was rumbling an hour later. I worked my way through 3 plums, dozen strawberries and huge handfull of chopped carrot battons .. . yes still hungry. I was craving crunchy /chewy carbohydrates (not pasta )and nothing else hit the spot. in the end I succumbed to an ounce of cereal with skimmed milk and 2 ryvitas (had already had 10 syns and both a's and B's )
This morning low and behold i am hungry again with my tummy rumbling. Should I try to ignore it or has anyone any ideas on how to get my smaller appetite back??? All help greatfully received xx
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Welcome back from your hols! I hope that you had a fabulous time.
Try drinking lots of sparkling water - always keeps me feeling full.

I would try and ignore your tummy for a few days and see how you get on. You could try doing some green days to get your fill of carbs? x


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I always feel like this once i have been off plan, within a couple of days normality resumes....just have lots of water and free foods xxx

Glad you had a lovely hol xxx


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It will sort itself out- just go with your hunger and try not to fight it (or risk an off-plan binge!) If you are hungry- eat!

Love the new avator too!xxx

Becca Wecca

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All I can suggest is fill up on plenty of free/superfree foods, and drink lots of water. If you are hungry you have to eat!

I'm sure as the week goes by you'll notice your hunger will go back to it's normal levels
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Rosie, just eat. honestly, atleast you'd be 'overeating' on 'good' foods, than bingeing on bad ones just because your hungry. . if your hungry, you have to eat.. but i suspect it will settle down. Get lots of fizzy pop down you lol x


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Another fizzy pop fan here. If you're hungry you do need to eat though. Bananas fill me up, & jacket spuds.

It should settle down soon.


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Hi Rosie, glad you had good holiday. don't worry too much it will settle down again.
Try eating cheese omelette for breakfast, keeps me going til 3.pm and then i have a meal and just fruit.In a few days it will all seem normal again xx


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I always find it hard when getting back from holidays, but once I get back on plan I end up having a big loss. Agree with someone above who mentioned trying Green Days as they've always helped me when coming back from holiday. Good Luck!


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Welcome back, sounds like a fab holiday and being off plan might just give you the boost you need to get back on track now.
If your hungry then eat hun, thats what free foods are for ;) you will get back into the swing of things and your appetite will no doubt go back to normal but for now make sure your having slightly more at your main meals to kepp you fuller for longer.
Good luck

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