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been out clubbing


time to get focused
i havnt been out in so long, i am currently suffering with depression and one of the biggest problems is my weight, i dont do anything socially, i lock myself away in my room with my tv, laptop, cups of tea and water but i decided tonight that i have felt good the last 3 days since getting back on track with cd and felt like i could face going out, i must admit it did feel a bit strange being around all those people but all in all was a good night except for the arguement at the end with a girl that owes me money! and guess what.....I DRANK WATER ALL NIGHT:)
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Hiya! Thats brilliant news!!! Its so good to get out isnt it, and in a way it kinda gives ya some of d old confidence back doesnt it? Iv only done it a few times since dieting but i got a great kick for myself that i stuck to my water, i was pretty proud of that. It is wierd tho when everyone else is off their heads. Congrats on everything!! U achieved a lot today me thinks. Xx

ps- i kno its easier said than done but please try and not be so hard on yourself, u said u were kind of down about d way u look. So being nosey i went for a wee look at ur pics :) and i think ur fab looking!! Sur ur betterlookin than half d ones in any given pub/ club!!!!! I mean that pet so i hope u really take it in cos u should realise that honestly u shouldnt let ur looks get u down. Ur doin great in my opinion. X


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well done for sticking with the water. bet you feel really chuffed with yourself!!!!

and yes you will be the tallest person (maybe in mind..) there in those clubs when you get to goal!
That is great willpower well done :)