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Been shopping today - very excited!


Wants to be slim!
This diet is Fantastic!!

I'm not saying it is easy but the results by far make up for what we go through.

I am a serial dieter and have been for most of my adult life. The funny thing is I look back and there are times when I have been desperately unhappy with my weight and right now I'd die to be that small!

This is the diet for me - I have lost every week since starting and although it has been a struggle at times (especially the first week) I am amazed at how my body is changing. I started in the 15 stones and now I am in the 13 stones.

Anyway...to get back to the title of this thread, today I went shopping. All my clothes are getting too big (yippee!) now as when I started I was size 20. I have been wearing size 18s that I had 'grown out of' and were sat in the wardrobe but today I tried on size 16s and they nearly fit!

I was so excited I wanted to dance in the changing rooms (but thought I might get locked up, so didn't!)

I am so motivated to keep going now and today has been a real Eureka moment - just wanted to tell somebody! :bliss:

While we are on the subject - have you had a Eureka moment while you have been on this diet and what /when was it? C'mon...share.:)
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Wants to be slim!
A moment of discovery - exclamation of triumph at finding something. :)

In this case a sudden realisation that the diet is working, something has changed...eg trying on a size smaller, someone really noticing a difference or walking past a shop window and suddenly seeing a smaller you!
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Hi Slimoncemore! What a fab post to share with us. Not only are your own 'Eureka' moments motivating, but reading others' are too!
I've had a couple so far- just half an hour ago changed into a pair of size 14 jeans I haven't been able to wear for more than 6 months. As I have put on the weight quite quickly, I have a whole wardrobe of things just waiting to provide those moments at each stage!

Also, I really know what you mean about looking back to unhappy times and thinking 'what was i on about!' I am still a stone bigger than I was when launching my last serious diet attempt a few years ago, and can remember feeling rubbish about myself then. When I get to that weight again, I will feel pleased!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Congratulations! :D A Wonderful feeling isn't it! :)

Hope you are celebrating the 14's soon! :p Along with me! lol
I also went shopping this morning and almost fitted into warehouse size 16 clothes! I was so happy i did dance around the changing room lol


can see the end in sight!
I tried on some old black skinny jeans that I couldn't get past my thighs two months ago and can now do them up and NOT cut off circulation!! LOL. Will be wearing them at the pub I work at on the weekend. Love it!


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It's amazing isn't it! I have a big night out at the end of the month for my friend's birthday and I ordered a size 20 top this week. I was size 26 top when I started the diet!


can see the end in sight!
I LOVE Cambridge diet! Best diet ever.
Well done ALL of you! You're all fab!!!!! (Loving the Cambridge Family-type thing!) xx
That's brilliant - congratulations!! Well Done!! Keep up the great work!!


Wants to be slim!
Dead right there :clap: Did you buy whatever it was?
No I didn't - but I am hitting the shops this weekend.

I haven't bought anything new yet as I wanted to wait until I had lost more weight, but I am beginning to struggle with work wear now.

I have decided to go and buy a couple of items to wear for work and just wash and wear them for a few weeks until they are too big - hell I deserve it !!!!

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