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Been shopping ;-)

No point to this post except am quite pleased with my purchases! Went into Miss Selfridge - haven't been able to shop in there for sooooo long - bought a dress and a top - size 14s - wooooo hooooo!!! And got 10% off the dress as was a button missing (it was already in the sale)

And bought a face mask from lush and a bath bomb so going to pamper tonight - think my blues from this week firmly behind me :)
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Over half way to target
Glad you feel brighter.
Wow - size 14, get you!
Enjoy your pamper - I love Lush. My favourite is the peppermint foot lotion - my OH rubs my feet every single night with this and I get 15 minutes per foot!!! Bliss!
ahh i went past miss selfridge but i refused to go in i knew id spend money i havent got and i want to go down a dress size before i treat myself!!!
as for lush im biased im a body shop fan haha but i used to work there!!!
I love lush too, is great :) Peppermint foot lotion is gorge

Think its all about re-educating oneself about rewards/cheering self up - once upon a time I would have done that with a big slice of choccie cake or pizza. But some nice clothes and some pampering products are much better and the effects last longer. The other way just leads to guilt when its gone and only as long as it tastes nice...
Body shop nice too - i love their makeup. Might spend some pennies in there next payday - no more spending for me this month ;-)
Also.... have put in syn thread above - but while i was out - i had a skinny latte from starbucks - says on website is 5 sins - but can i have it for free if use my HEAs?


Over half way to target
I would have thought it was ok to HexA the skinny latte - all it is is skimmed milk and coffee (unless you had a syrup shot - yum!!).
I'm also trying to reward myself with non food stuff. When I get to halfway stage (3 stone down) I'm having a spa day with a couple of friends. I'm trying not to buy too many clothes as I go along - just enough to get me through the different sizes - and then will get loads when at target.
Yeah, I'm trying not to get too many clothes - ultimate aim is around a size 12 - have sold loads of my size 16/18 clothes on ebay as not going there again so don't feel TOO guilty about spending the money but do need some stuff to wear over Xmas!

Your spa day sounds lush!! Will HEXA the latte then, managed not to have a syrup shot! ;-)
I haven't been a size 10 since i was about 16/17 years old!!! My ultimate aim is to have a healthy BMI and will just see how I feel when i get down to that - have got my target weight as 10 stone but no idea what size that will take me down to!!!!


Over half way to target
I'm a bit shorter than you so need to be lighter to get those size 12s on!
I managed to get into size 10s about 6 years ago, but it was a tight squeeze and not really sustainable (lasted about 2 weeks!), so a 12 would be better.
I am gagging to get back into my size 14 jeans - can get them on and over hips (something that was v unachievable just a few weeks back!) and even fastened. But they are not flattering - i have overspill issues lol!

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