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Been to my first meeting

S: 22st11lb C: 21st0lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 1st11lb(7.84%)

I have been to my first meeting, and i am confused lol! i am doing the 'extra easy' plan. The lady holding the meeting broke her foot so i didn't want to hold her back as you could see she just needed to get home.

I was going to have shredded wheat for breakfast with a banana, but i noticed that the shredded wheat would be one of my healthy choices, and i am only allowed 1 a and one b choice, and i would have been using them both just on my cereal with the milk added to.

So i just had a banana for breakfast, i am unsure what to have for lunch and tea, i am not fussy, i love my fruit and veg (i need to do a big shopping though!).

Could anyone give me a rough idea on what to have till i get the hang of it? :eek: like what you have in a day?. I am to have 15 syns i am 21st 2.5lb so i will be on 15 for a good while.

Thanks very much if anyone can help xx
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If you go to the SW website there's a whoe weeks' menu for EE that will give you some ideas.
If you have skimmed or semi skimmed milk you'll have enough for your cereal and cups of tea/coffe, or you can syn the rest.
Don't worry about using your HEB at breakfast because you can then have potatoes or pasta or rice with lunch and dinner, or you can syn extra bread or cereal bars.
A typical EE day for me would be

B: 2 toast (HEB), beans, ham, yogurt

L: onion omlette, grilled tomatoes, dry fried potatoes (left over boiled ones)

D: spaghetti bolognese, fruit and yogurt

There is a recommendation that a third of your meals are superfree food to speed weight losses

Mrs V

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Also, have a look at the food diaries on here Hun...I have one and put my meals for the day, whether its Red, Green or EE. The diaries should give you some ideas.

G: 11st0lb
When I do EE the kind of things I eat would be....
Breakfasts- cereal and milk (A+B), or scrambled eggs, lean bacon and mushrooms, Quorn sausages, beans, lean bacon sandwich (heb), cheese omelette (hea), veggie omelette etc etc
Lunchs:- cheese on toast (A+B), fried tinned potatoes or left over potatoes from night before, any lean meats, prawn salad, pasta, noodles, stir fry
Dinners:- mashed potatoes, sausages (either Quorn which are free or low syn ones) beans, gammon steak, lean steak, corn on the cob, cottage pie, beef casserole, chicken curry and rice....
EE is SOOOOO easy, it just takes a while to get your head around everything, especially your HE's.
But this forum is FAB, so ask any questions you want sweetie
Firstly, if you have any queries at all then ring your consultant and ask, that's what they are there for and she should have told you that.
Secondly, if you use your A and B at breakfast then fine, you have so much other food to choose from for the rest of the day! Why not have a cooked breakfast? Bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms - all free and not a Healthy Extra in sight!

Food diaries are a great source of inspiration too, as is the magazine or SW website - your consultant should have given you the password. If not, ring or text her. Broken foot or not, she is there to help you!!!
S: 22st11lb C: 21st0lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 1st11lb(7.84%)
Thanks very much everyone
I will have a look at the food diary's and get a slimming world magazine and look for ideas etc.
The woman really did look sore, but i so wish i could have gotten more information.
Tonight for tea, i had chicken new potatoes and loads of veg, i loved it lol!

Thanks again, i will appreciate it xx


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theres loads of help and support on here, fab site full of information and ideas.

sounds like a fab tea - yummy!

Helen x


Minimins is the best!
i have been doing extra easy since is started in Feb, my typical day would be something like thins

Breakfast- 2 alpen light bars (hexb)
Snack - Muller and some fruit
Lunch - Chicken with salad or a jacket with beans/five been chille
Snack - more fruit or crabsticks
Dinner - Pizza topped chicken using some cheese on top (hexa) with salad or slimming world chips
maybe a muller if ive got room but im usually stuffed! lol

You will be fine hun, eat away!! Ive never known a diet like it and would never look back!

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