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Been to the doctors....


Queen of the Damned
It would be wrong of us to encourage you to ignore your Dr's advice. Perhaps you could talk to your CDC about the pains you are experiencing and get some advice from the Medical person at HQ? It might be possible for you to do one of the higher level programmes if SS is not for you. Wishing you all the best :hug99:
Has your GP referred you for tests? Or has he just written it off as a problem caused by CD?
I'd be tempted to ask for further tests to be honest, they can't just blame it on something without investigating fully, there may be other underlying causes.
How much water were you drinking daily and how does that quantity vary from your norm.?
Hi Nikki - sorry to hear you are having more problems hun. I agree that you should ask for more tests - whether it is CD or not, you need to know what is going on. I agree, we can't endorse going against the GP, but he must have some basis for saying CD is casing it. Hence having some tests to rule out other causes.

How do you feel about going onto one of the higher plans for a bit?? You wouldn't be in ketosis, but can still lose pounds each week. Do you need to have food with the tablets you are on at the moment??

If you want to ring or email me, I'm free now - otherwise i'll check with you tomorrow to see how you are. B xxx
Hi Nikki

I had similar pains in my tummy several years ago and after having a camera down my throat it turned out to be gastritis which is basically a very inflamed stomach lining irritated by acid. I was prescribed medication that Omeprazole which is an acid inhibitor and told to avoid irritants such as caffeine, ibruprofen, smoking etc. When I first started CD I did get quite an acidy tummy but after a week or so it settled down and upping the water helped. I think it's a tricky one as DQ said wouldn't want to advise you against what your doctor has said - perhaps eat normally, take the tablets and see if it settles down, then you could reconsider.

Hope you feel better soon hun

I get these pains too, never had them before in my life. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (the bees knees of health guidelines!) say you can SS for twelve weeks with no problems at all. CD only say s four but I can assure you it's safe to SS for twelve. I think the pains are heartburn, that's what mine turned out to be. It was like someone sticking a hot poker in my chest, awful.
When I was at my heaviest I used to get awful acid reflux and gastritis. The only thing that helped was the most expensive meds there are for this, and losing weight. When mu bmi got to 29 my heart burn went! That was the first symptom to reappear when my weight increased, so I had to restart my meds which I had been off for 18 months! BMI down to 29, and I could stop them again.

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