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Been To The Nurse...

...this morning, for my 6 monthly pill check up. I was so looking forward to going, cos the last time I went was the day I joined SW and I was soooo looking forward to being weighed and the nurse noticing the loss! Except, I didn't see my usual nurse, it was a new one! She checked my weight, and even though my BMI is now under the danger line, she didn't want to give me my usual pill! She kept going on about the risk of DVT etc etc and spouting the medical dictionary!!

I note that I am now UNDER the BMI danger line!! I pointed that out and wanted to know if that was the case, then why for the last 10 years, have I been given the combined pill, seeing as I've been that weight for the last 10 years! She couldn't answer me!

Anyway, I got really angry, but kept it under control (phew!) She then checked my blood pressure, which was perfectly fine and did eventually prescribe me my usual pill.

I came away, still feeling angry, but even more determined to lose more weight. I've never taken much notice of my BMI, but now perhaps I should? She also gave me leaflets on other forms of contriceptives, which I'm gonna look into. Does anyone else have problems like this?
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Will be thin god dammit!!
I feel angry that she ruined it for you when you were looking forward to showing off the new lighter you!
I was still being prescribed the pill at 18.5 stone tbh and it was never mentioned, although they did mention my weight in general x
You show her by being even slimmer next time!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I totally understand!
Boo on her! Even if she wasnt your normal nurse she could have at least shown some enthusiasm for what you have achieved.


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just think the next time you go back you might see your normal nurse and she wont recognise you cos i bet you will be at target then!!! (in another 6 months time!!)

*blows raspberry at nurse jobsworth*



Will be thin god dammit!!
Nurse jobsworth is a cowbag!
It never ceases to amaze me the complete lack of normal common courtesy some medical professionals have around overweight people. Would they be allowed to humiliate/offend any other group of people like this, and get away with it?

Ugh. Sorry, it's just one of my personal bugbears.


Will be thin god dammit!!
I agree - they go on about overweight people costing the NHS and yet there is no praise for people who are actively doing something about it!!!
Well, I have to say the nurse I go to see for the blood pressure check up is a lot nicer, she always tells me I'm 'under tall' for my weight, rather than 'over weight' for my height :)

it annoys me as well the stigma that fat people cost the NHS more. In my group of friends, the ones that visit the doctors most and have had hospital operations are the uber-sporty ones 'cos they have all sorts of joint problems.

Everything in moderation - both food and exercise :)

it would be satisfying though to get some recognition from the doctor *when* I have lost all that weight...