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Before pics

I didn't taken any. I however have photos others have taken of me that I cringe when I look at. I have the photo that made me want to diet and it's stuck on my wall for motivation.
I was just saying to OH that we need to take some before pics, he's started today with me. I've got pics of when I first started nearly 2 years ago, it'll be nice to see the diff when I finally get to goal.
i have some before pics of me at 19 stone, but i lost some weight before i started cambridge, anyway ill post them in a min.
Ok heres me starting from oldest to newest

i was only 18 here and about 18 stone

i was 21 on these next pics, on holiday i weighed about 20 stone

These next ones are me at my biggest, at around 20-21 stone and a size 30-32

this next one is an old fat one of me, and the slimmer me which was taken a year ago

And heres some recent ones of me...

So there you go lol, i would say im half way there now, just 4+ more stone to go!!!
and obviously the pic in my siggy is the most recent, taken a couple of weeks ago.
its amazing how different you look hun :) im gonna take new pics tomorrow. i hate looking at photos of myself though :( omg i saw ones my friend had from over xmas and the state of me i wanted to cry
hubby took front, side back and face shots:8855:

but omg:cry: I still even though made the choice to do this didn't think I looked like that!

Onwards and upwards though!

Brilliant pictures Vamp, you look so beautiful:eek:
What?!!? Vampalicious, you look so different than you used to!!! This wonderful transformation is really encouraging.

I have various pictures of me: slim ones, plump ones, fat ones (obese 1, 2 and 3?). I don't think I have any of when I was 19st though.

I'm definitely going to take some as a record of where I was when I began the CD journey.

aww thank you everyone!!
still a long way to go yet, i wonder what ill look like when im only 11 stone lol!!
I have some recent holiday pics that I have kept away from everyone but secretly look at in horror :cry: hope I can post some great after shots in the future!

Vampalicious, you really do look fab, the difference is amazing well done xx
I am going to take them tomorrow, well my partner is, I am going to do front, side and behind ones both clothed and in my underwear. Will upload the clothed ones when I have that priviledge :D
Even if you dont post them at the start you may feel more inclined as you lose some weight and have some smaller ones to compare them with. I for 1 wouldnt post anything till i'd lost a fair bit, not sure if it was shame or what.

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