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Before WI


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Generally, if you keep to the same routine every week, then your weigh in should be accurate :)

For me, this means not eating anything past about 1pm, and not drinking anything either. I end up taking snacks to my group and eating them after I weigh instead :)


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Normally I'm off work on a Tuesday and spend the day cleaning the house and taking my toddler on a nice walk so I literally eat very little, maybe a yogurt and one piece of fruit max. Today Ive had to be called into work short notice and for break this morning I had muller light and an apple so I dont know whether to just leave having lunch as thats what i would normally do... or the option if i have lunch is ryvita with phil light cheese and cherry tomato's and celery. Confused much :(
It is NEVER best to not eat and drink.

If you want an accurate reading just try eating *the same* each week - eg sandwich and an apple for lunch plus 3 glasses of water over the afternoon, or whatever your particular routine likes.

As long as you stick to the SAME routine every week it doesn't matter what that routine is - but PLEASE dont get into to the forcing yourself not to eat and drink mode. Once you get into it you'll NEVER get out. I've been there. Never again. :(
If you try to not eat all day before WI then every Tuesday is going to be a huge chore.
Have breakfast as normal, then lunch - the same thing every week so you know it's not going to make a difference, and maybe stop drinking at 3 or something. As long as you do the same every week, WI will be accurate.


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This is my problem ya see coz I'm at work today instead of at home, at least when Im at home i can go out and about so i dont have time to think about eating.

If i do have lunch now it'll be 2 ryvita with phil light and tomato's so at least its nothing too heavy. Hate not sticking to my normal day though :(
I used to starve myself before WI and because I was so hungry I used to go to the chippy afterwards as I could not be bothered to make anything when I got home. I decided that I would eat normally up until I'd had my lunch and if I was peckish before WI I would have a Alpen Light bar to keep me going. Hope this helps. :)


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I just had my lunch coz thinking back on the last few wi days its wrong of me to starve myself. I went for 2 ryvita dark rye, with philly light tub and cherry tomato's and a snack afterwards of celery so its not like it was full of syns what I was eating but I'll not have anything the rest of the day now as my wi is at 5pm.

Can i just check when it comes to the phil - isnt that a HEXA? It was a 35g tub? Thanks in advance :) x
so its not like it was full of syns what I was eating but I'll not have anything the rest of the day now as my wi is at 5pm.
Look at this logically - there is no way the Ryvita you ate is even going to have reached your intestines before you get weighed, never mind get converted to fat or anything - the only 'weight' it will add is what it itself weighs! A piece of Ryvita! It weighs not much more than a feather!

Eating like this has all the logic of taking your ear-rings off before getting on the scales. It DOESN'T WEIGH ANYTHING. It's not going to make ANY difference. And even if it did it isn't your weight that's changing - you just happen to be carrying a Ryvita or two around with you!

It is not possible for any food you eat on a WI afternoon to ever be digested before you get on the scales so the only 'weight' it contains is the weight of the food itself. Its like carrying the food uneaten in your pocket. And when you're looking at stuff like Ryvita this is seriously ridiculous as they weigh, what, ten grams each? Twenty grams? Even if you had a whole packet of fricking Ryvita in your pocket it wouldnt make any difference to the scales!!! A whole packet weighs 250g or half a pound - and you didnt have a whole packet!

Sorry I dont mean to shout but I just get so upset seeing people treat themselves like this. I could understand it to a point if it was 2 kilos of potatoes or something heavy, but a couple of Ryvita and a stick of celery? You're damaging yourself, seriously :(
I think its a mind thing with me coz its the only diet that ive got to work and Ive stuck at so I want to do all I can before wi to ensure i def lose. Silly i know :(

Thanks for your comment though, i need to wise up :) x
i normally get weighed at 7 pm, so i have my breakfeast snacks and lunch, i try not to drink anything past 6 then i have my tea after ive been weighed been accurate for me so far ... i wouldnt starve my self though!!!
I get weighed at 6 on a Wednesday, and I just eat my breakfast and lunch as normal, and then have my tea after WI (which works out at about the time I would normally eat it anyway). I try not to drink a lot after about 4.30, but other than that I don't think about it at all. What Ermintrude says is exactly right, what you eat on the day won't make a difference, unless the food itself actually weighs a lot. I wouldn't worry about it hun x

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