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Being sick on LL...

Spoke too soon saying I felt fine! Have sent the day feeling prgressively more sick & suspect I have the tummy bug thats been going round....
What can you have in the way of things like dioralyte without being knocked out of ketosis? Anyone know? Currently trying hard to get the packs down (3 down & 1 to go which I'll cook) as feel waves of rising nausea. Just had a sleep but still feel very sick....all advise from people greatly appreciated. Feeling very sorry for myself indeed! Bad enough having period pain (& do wonder if its the ponstan which made me feel sick if its not a bug)....:wave_cry:
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Hi, sorry your feeling so crap!! my hubby had it last week, i hope it does'nt last to long, i would have dioralite i think, take care, Angelxx


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sorry to hear your feeling well...

I'm not sure about the dioralite, has it got sugar in it?

Hopefuly someone in the know will be along soon...

Hope the sickness nausea passes quickly :p


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G: 12st0lb
Each sachet contains:
Sodium Chloride BP 0 47g, Glucose BP 3.56g,
Disodium Hydrogen Citrate BP 0 53g, Potassium Chloride BP 0.30g,
either unflavoured or with flavourings

It has glucose which is a form of sugar...so Im assuming it would affect ketosis......If its ok im sure someone with more knowledge will be along.

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Sorry You're not feeling too brill.
I've got no idea what you should take, but I know if it was me, I'd just drink plenty of water & maybe some fizzy water too.
Have you tried contacting your LLC?
An early night & hot water bottle for your tummy will do you good.
Sorry I'm not much help.
Hope you are back on track tomorrow.


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Hey hun, hope you feel better soon, I would say its the ponstan rather than the packs making you ill, since its a very strong painkiller and should really be taken on a full stomach

Keep drinkin the water and maybe try making a shake into a coffee or somthing to make yourself feel better?

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One day at a time
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ISOM how are you feeling today?
Thaks for all your support..feel less sick & went to work this am and then had a 1/2 day to dig for a bit but feeling pooped (no energy & period pain still) so a second early night is in order! Got another 1/2 day tomorrow, then training Thurs and paperwork Fri so an OK week work wise at least!!


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(((hugs))) - hope you're soon feeling better & brighter. Take it easy and look after yourself.


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