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Beki's food diary - red and green only

Hey Hun...how are you????
I havent seen you about for donkeys! How are things going??


Slow but sure....
Hello Beki, lovely to see you back with us, you were missed.

Your first day looks good to me love.

There is a lovely 'Magic Porridge' recipe in the recipe section that I posted, and it is brilliant - it's just your porridge oats mixed with a mullerlite yoghurt and left in the fridge overnight - it is so fruity and creamy for breakfast the next morning or it's nice enough to have as a pudding....

Try it and see what you think, I'm sure you will like it.

Maybe we can PM each other some time and catch up. X
Thanks MommyB :D

Mrs V - i've been a bad girl :eek: lol, and been off plan for WEEKS! For my sins (syns? hehe) i've put on almost 1 whole stone!!!!!! EEEK! But i'm back on track now and went back to class this morning and re-joined :)

Oooh that sounds yummy Donnie! Thanks! :D Yes, i owe you a PM (or 10 :eek: ) don't i :eek: lol
Today's a red day :)

Breakfast - coffee (milk as a HEa)

Brunch - 2x w/m bread from 400g loaf (HEb) with 2x eggs

Dinner - pork loin with salad and veggies + 15g cheddar (3 syns)

Snacks - pineapple, 3x babybel light (HEa), grapefruit with splenda, 6x sugars for coffees (6 syns)
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Tomorrow's food diary (planned) as we're out at friends' for the afternoon :)

Green day -

Breakfast - coffee (milk from HEa)

Lunch - melon, apples, grapes, pineapple (a small snack-pack containing all the above), plus a banana

Dinner - lean steak (2x 85g - 2x HEb) with a large jacket pot, and 85g philly extra light (HEa), 4 level tsp bertolli light (4 syns), plus lots of salad (i'd guess that the steak was fried in about 1tsp oil, so 2 syns for that)

Snacks - sugars for 3x coffees (6 syns), mugshot

12 syns for the day :)
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Slow but sure....
Beki - just in case you missed the answer I put on your thread that you posted on the main forum - check out this web site for buying a new top etc, it's great and not to expensive, they do some lovely clothes either casual, smart or dressy and their tops are really nice and all styles, let me know what you think.


I've just this second replied :D as i haven't been online since yesterday morning due to feeling like poo :(

That site is brilliant! I can't believe how reasonable their prices are! Thanks so much for letting me know about it :D xx
I'm really pleased with how 'good' i was yesterday :D I even turned down strawberry cheesecake and victoria sponge! *polishes halo* ;) :D lol

I'm having a red day today :)

Breakfast - coffee (1x HEa for milk in coffees throughout the day)

Lunch - 3 krisprolls (HEb) with 56g ex light soft cheese (4 syns) and smoked salmon

Dinner - salmon & prawns with salad and a 227g jacket potato (HEb)

Snacks - 3x babybel light (HEa), pineapple :)
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Today's another red day :)

Brunch - 1/2 a pineapple and a banana

Mid-afternoon - 2x w/m bread from a 400g loaf (HEb) with 56g ex-light soft cheese (4 syns), salad, and smoked salmon

Dinner - pork steak, salad, and a 227g jacket potato (HEb) with 4tsp bertolli light (4 syns) and 28g grated cheese (HEa) on top

Snacks - milk for coffees (HEa), 1 quorn chicken dipper (0.5 syns), bowl of special k red berries (5 syns) with s/s milk (3 syns)

16.5 syns today. not a bad day though :)
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I had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning and i was really pleased :D I won't tell you what they said incase it all changes by thursday morning, but it's looking promising for WI now :D yay! xx
Today's another red day :)

Breakfast - 2x wm toast from a 400g loaf (HEb) with 2x eggs

Lunch - chicken mess (chicken, cucumber, 28g cheddar (HEa) and lettuce chopped very finely and mixed with 56g ex light philly (4 syns)) on a 227g jacket potato (HEb)

Dinner - chicken stir fry - chicken, stir fry veg, 1/2 of a 150g pack of straight-to-wok noodles (6 syns), soy sauce and h/m sweet and sour sauce (2 syns)

Snacks - pineapple, banana, milk for coffees (HEa)

12 syns today :)
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Today's ANOTHER red day :eek: lol. Tomorrow i'm going to treat myself to a green day i think :p :D

Breakfast - oats so simple (HEb)

Lunch - a pile of salad with 1 salmon fillet flaked over, and 1 soft-boiled egg chopped on top

Dinner - salmon fillet on a pile of salad, and a 227g jacket potato (HEb) with 4tsp bertolli light (4 syns) and 56g ex-light cream cheese (4 syns) on top

Snacks - s/s milk for coffees (HEa), banana, 2x krisprolls with smoked salmon and 28g cheddar (HEa)
Thank you! :D

From today i'm going to start the week with 105 syns and work my way down. That way, today's 'cheats' dont have to be cheats, they can just be taken off my weekly syns and i won't feel guilty! :D

Green day today :)

Breakfast - nothing (WI at 10am)

Lunch - 1/2 of a large luxury fish pie (16 syns)

Dinner - the other 1/2 of the fish pie (16 syns)

Snacks - mugshot, milk for coffees (HEa), a tub of quark with 3x options (6 syns) mixed in

syns today - 38... but at least i counted them :D ;)

syns left for the week - 67 (i rarely have over 10 syns per day so it should work out well, and i won't have the guilt over 'cheating' today :D )
Thanks! :D

Back on red today :)

Breakfast - pineapple and grapes

Lunch - prawns

Dinner - chicken salad with a 227g jacket potato (HEb), 56g ex light soft cheese (4 syns) and 28g cheddar (HEa)

Snacks - pineapple, grapes, milk for coffees (HEa), chicken

4 syns today

syns left for the week - 63
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Red again today :)

Breakfast - banana

Lunch - 3x krisprolls (HEb) with smoked salmon, 3x babybel light (HEa), grapes

Dinner - steak and salad with a 227g jacket potato (HEb) with 28g cheese (5 syns)

Snacks - pineapple, grapes, melon, milk for coffees (HEa)

syns for today - 5

syns left for the week - 58
Red again! :eek:

Breakfast - nothing

Lunch - 3x krisprolls (HEb) with 28g ex light soft cheese (2 syns) and smoked salmon, banana

Dinner - steak and salad with a 227g jacket potato (HEb) and 28g cheese (HEa)

Snacks - banana, melon, grapes, milk for coffees (HEa), 2x krisprolls (4 syns) with 56g ex light soft cheese (4 syns)

total syns for today - 10

syns left for the week - 48

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