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bells " my mission to zap that fat!"

so here i am sitting in front of the tv with slimfast.co.uk on the laptop...seeing as the diary people on there seem to have fallen off the face of the planet..i decided to look elsewhere. Look what i found, a haven full of all you sneaky weight losers, where have you been!..
so now that im comfortable and happy to be here, id love to hear some success stories some struggles and everything. i know the support here will be great so ive decided to keep you all updated on my target weight loss. so far i have been on the slimfast diet for about 8 weeks now and i have lost 17pounds. which is alright bearing in mind i had two very large slip ups.
also ive upped the excersise now so im swimming 25 laps three times a week. walking to college and back and to work and back everyday which is about an hour and a half round trip. also i have got the treadmil in and try and get a half an hour on that. ten minutes running and 20 mins walking. i want to build my self up to be running for a half an hour, but that looks very far away at the moment.

so just to fill you in on my daily eating habits, today was a typical day
got up and had a slimfast strawberry shake.(my fav)
lunch i had another shake but usually id have one of the bars but i had run out today so had a shake instead,
then i had some popcorn at 135 per bag as a snack
then i had beef lasagne for dinner, a weight watchers one.
i found that for now until i get my weight down i am just going to rely on ww meals as they are already calorie counted for you. also tesco do really good light choices which i sometimes get if i want to have a bit of a change. watch out for too much salt though.
so hoping to get another 10 pounds off by christmas if i keep up the exersise...
alright well id best be off, good luck all you guys and ill catch up with you tomorrow.
let me know how your all doing, we can all support each other!!
Love :flirt2:
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thanks guys...
so today is day two of my slimfast blog challenge online, and im looking outside the window and its torential raining:( silly winter. looks like this is a day indoors with the treadmill. if i can get off my toosh as i am so stiff after the past two days of swimming.
so far i have had a slimfast chocolate crunch bar and a cup of tea with lowfat milk and a canderell sweetner.

i havent yet felt like im any slimmer over the past few weeks...does anbody else feel like that. i thinkim a bit stuck..maybe i should mix in some more exercise?. i hate having a slow metabolism!

not long till Christmas now though, which is good for two reasons... the whole christmas experience and the fact that everyday closer to christmas it gets, i freak out and make sure im eating right and exercising cos i know christmas is going to be hard work. so the more i do now the better.!! right well i shall catch up with you all later on!..good luck today everybody! x
just thought id fill in on the rest of the day. ive been thinking about food today...( what a change!) ha i think i need to add in a few more snacks cos im currently on about 850-900, not too sure though. maybe il add in a few here and there and try not to feel like im doing badly.

so today carrying on from this morning i had another sf meal bar chocolate crunch i was going to have a strawberry shake but after the crunch bar this morning i really wanted another one. for some reason i just found it tasted so good.

then at about half four i had a ww beef lasagne at 253kcal.im kind of full now but i think i need to have some popcorn or something and then tomorrow il go out and get some muller light, ive seen that a few people are having those.

its weird i thought that weighing in at just over 14 stone that just under 1000kcal would be good.
anyways, exercise i did half an hour on the treadmill as part of the christmas challenge and managed half an hour of the biggest loser workout dvd which im happy about cos ive never managed to go that far without getting really tired and scared that my jumping up and down will annoy the neighbours!!

hows everybody else doing? anybody got any comments on what i could maybe change to get maximum benifit out of s/f?

excited to be swimming tomorrow as didnt make it today.

also have been looking around the place for the s/f optima, ive found some on drugstore.com just wondering if anybody has ever oredered from there before??

roll on the xfactor tonight, i will be in with a nice cup of tea..what a perfect saturday night..minus the chinese takeaway of course!!...
good luck!! X
today,, a miserable day as well..hailstones...we really do get four seasons in one day!!
well today for breakfast i had a slimfast choc crunch bar at 206kcal and for lunch i had the same slimfast choc crunch bar at 206kcal with a cup of tea. then went to the cinema to see new moon and brought my own popcorn and water which is good.popcorn was only 135kcal. then had one of the s/f choc snacks at 100kcal and now just about to have a ww shephards pie at 230kcal and then ill have another snack.. fingers crossed for weigh day tomorrow. i really wanna break into the 13stone mark......

total= 877kcal
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morning all. finally broke the 13 mark. so 2 lbs down this week, not as much as id likde, but enough to keep me motivated i guess. i see lots and lots of exercise to be done this week. lets see what the outcome is!!!!
today i had a slimfast choc bar at 206kcal and some tea. had a slip up today and gave in and indulged in some streaky french toast im guessing at like 400kcal????,, for you that dont know its probably the most random but gorgeous food ive had in a while. bacon with maple syrup and french toast....
ugh i feel bad now..anyway i passed that off as lunch
then for dinner had ww shephards pie at 220kcal and some tea and for snack i had a sf choc/caramel bar at 99kcal.
even though i slipped up i think im ok calorie wise..not to sure about the fat content mind. lets hope i can exercise that one off....
back on track again though i hope.

total= 950
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my my how things have changed..i was up this morning,,knowing that i have to consume 1200 today and it seems like sooo much! i dont know how il lose weight eating this much..but i suppose if it works for everybody else i may as well give it a try.
so today i was up early and had a s/f choco crunch bar at 206kcal and then had a s/f caramel snack bar at 99kcal at about 11am. then at 1pm i had another s/f choco crunch bar at 206kcal.
then i went shopping and stocked up with muller lights and tesco choices chocolate and orange bars which are 80kcal.yummmmyyyy
so then i went swimming and did 25laps, i had to be quick so i could get back for work later on.
ive just had a tesco choice spaghetti at 411kcal..i felt like i really indulged in that, but i didnt as the fat content was i think 7g or something??
ill have a muller later on and then maybe a tesco bar....
i feel like ive been eating allllll day!!...lets hope it pays off :)

total= 1122 max
today i ate a little bit more i think im getting the hang of it...
ive been thinking about getting ahold of the lipotrim but im not sure as i know its quite intense.. i have an appointment tomorrow with the doctor so im going to see what he says i should do...

today i had a slimfast choco crunch bar at 206kcal and a muller light at 86kcal for breakfast, then i had a chicken and lettuce sandwich on brown bread from the cafe near college..so didnt get a chance to have my sf bar. i made the wrong decision i think. anyways i think that was prob about 400kcal as it had some mayo in it.
then for dinner i went to gourmet burger and did really well. i had the burger without the bun. out of sight out of mind with carbs me thinks. so i just had the burger and some mango relish and some lettuce so im guessing maybe another 400kcal?? not sure really.
later on i think il have another muller light at 86kcal and a snack bar at 80kcal.
exercise today i walked to college and back as per usual . not much exercise today but tomorrow i have no work till 5.30pm so i have no excuse not to get my fat ass to the gym!!! so overall not great today really. also im coming down with such a cold i feel wretched!..

total=just under 1200


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belated hello and welcome!!!
hope things are going ok
how did the Dr's go?? did they have any suggestiongs for you????
keep us informed on how you are going!!!
hey all,, i know ive been away for a while, well ive decided to head over to lipotrim and try that for a while,,hopefully itll go to plan, i found that with slimfast i ate too little because i wanted to lose the weight and if i ate 1200 i felt i wasnt being strict enough. so i thought a tfr diet would work well for me, so heres hoping!!!...happy new year to you all and keep up the good work...:) x


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
would love to keep hearing about your weight loss journey, so keep us informed!!!
And vist occasionally

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