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BellyFlop's Pursuit of Snake Hips!

Hi All,

I'm here to lose my excess weight and bare my inner soul! I am 35, mum of two, married and in need of finding 'me' again! I used to stand out but now I just fade into the background, and I want to shine again! In the past ten years I have gained, lost, gained, had two babies, stress binged...all the usual!

I am at the point where I have to do something serious and lose my weight or risk not reaching old age! I had a health scare a few months ago with a breast lump and it's made me finally realise I have take control and get my weight to a healthier and more acceptable level! Plus waking up each day feeling sluggish and tired before I've even got out of bed is not right!:( Oh, and gallbladder and chest pain is horrible!

Anyway, I found this site a fortnight ago and it's great, lots of inspirational 'real' people to spur me on and who have done marvellously
in transforming their health, lives and bodies and I want a piece of that...

I was at a starting weight of......*gulps* 19 stone 3lbs!!!:(:eek::sigh: but I calorie counted for two weeks losing 9lb which is good, but I need a 'quick' visual result to encourage me to stay on track, so LT is the path I have chosen to lose the rest I want to get rid of....plus they're are all lovely nutters on there so I will fit in nicely!:D

So today at 18 stone 7lb and five foot seven inches, dress size 22-24, my life begins....and I want it downhill all the way! I am aiming for around 6/7 stones off as quickly as possible!

Lisa xx
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Says it as it is!!!
Us Nutters,,,,Hell yes hunni!!!! Watch out for Garry he's the worst lol:D:D
Sorry to hear you have had a troubled time, but i think we all need something to say wake up and smell the coffee x x x would be nice if it was in a good way tho
Good luck with LT ... I have been on LT for a whole 7 days!!!!lol
Welcome to the LT crazy train CHOO CHOOO.... :party0023:
Thanks Jing! You look so beautiful! I love your diary!:)

Hi Nictastic! I have been here for a while actually, a few weeks of posting on LT, but only the LT plan since yesterday! So I'm already aware of Garry and his reputation, lol!:D

Well Done on your first week!:)
Anyway.....onto day two! I was great yesterday no problems...shakes were rather nice, but the soup, arrrrgh I was gagging!!!:D So that is being returned for shakes!

I was fine until around 7pm and then I was sooo tired, so after putting the children to bed at 8pm I decided to post on the web for a while and then went to bed 9pm which is like dinnertime to me as I'm a night owl!

My head was pounding all night, I was even aware of it whilst asleep...as daft as that sounds! I was almost seduced by the smell of toast but I never succumbed to it, thankfully!

I want KETOSIS now!:)
Hi nce1!

I want to be shaking my hips like Shakira!:D

At the moment I would cause myself and others severe whiplash if I attempted a hip shimmy!:D:D
Yeah her hips don't lie (not the slightest bit envious though:rolleyes:!!!)
And she's "lucky that her breasts are small and humble so you don't confuse them with mountains!".....:confused::D
Ok, end of day two!

No headache today but the arrival of my period, which may explain the excruciating headache last night?

Loving the shakes, had chocolate for brekky, vanilla with a spoon of coffee for lunch and hot chocolate for evening meal....yum!

I went to Weatherspoons pub today with my MIL, and watched her eat lunch and drink wine whilst I supped a lovely carbonated water....I told her I had " a bad tummy", as I don't want her to know yet! I lost over 4 stones a few years back and was down to 12 and a half stone from 17 stone and I was looking great and she said, she couldn't tell!:(:mad:....funny cause I and everybody else could! My SIL was also on SW with me and lost a couple of stones and she was same-ish start weight as me, and MIL gushed on about her being inspirational funnily enough! (We get on better now, me and the Monster OUTLAW, Cause I only see her about four times a year!):D Next time I see I should be visibly different!

Anyway, it has been a great day, naughtily weighed myself and scales said I'd lost seven pounds since starting yesterday, but I expect that's water and due to my TOTM, I am not getting to over-excited!

Hopefully Ketosis is imminent!:)
Think I may be in Ketosis! Yessssssssss!:)

I had a great night's sleep, and woke once to go to the loo......water, water, water!

I could hear my stomach churning when I returned to bed and it wasn't period pain as I have no period pain as is usual during my TOTM!!:) Must be melting fat!:D

I woke at 5.30-ish and I feel fab, all my housework is done and I'm raring to go!

Ok, so now for my first shake of the day....


too hot to handle!!
morning bellflop,,i'm on day 4,,i feel fantastic no hunger pangs or anythin,,was feelin very sick yesterday morn but that soon passed,,im so excited,,everyone is fantastic here,,lots of tips and advice,,you should try the peppermint tea with your chocolate shake,,it was yummy,,i had it in the afternoon,,and was stuffed all day,,best of luck,,i found that day 2 i cleaned and cleaned,,i have nothin else to do now lol,,
Hi Kelly!

Thanks, and yes I agree...everybody here is great and very helpful and supportive! I've actually been here for a few weeks now, but was originally calorie counting, lost ten pounds in two weeks doing my own plan and then moved onto LT this week, now on day three and have lost a further 8 pounds, so 18 lbs just over two weeks....I am delighted!:)

Unfortunately I hate peppermint, so the tea is a no go for me, But I am having vanilla/coffee and choc/coffee which are lovely, will be returning the gruesome chicken soups to my pharmacy later this morning!

Good Luck on your journey to slimdom!


too hot to handle!!
i have yet to try the soups,,but im going to,,i have heard of people adding blck pepper or paprika to it to make it pallatable


Silver Member
hi bellyflop
its good you have a decision on which diet to go for,lt is great,you really get results,this is my 3rd week.iv lost17lbs my weigh in is on mon so i hope to be down another 4 fingers crossed:D:everyone on the site are so helpfull and really funny,its a real pick me up,so go girl,you can do it x
Hi Kelly!

I returned my yukky soups and was chatting to the pharmacy assistant who said she hated all the shakes and only used the soups herself, so it's all a matter of taste and palate, I suppose!

I don't like instant soup anyway, so maybe that's the thing with me!:)

Jenny, Hello there!:wave_cry:

It is great on here, the LTer's have been giving a good old chuckle for a couple of weeks now...I took lots of advice and read their posts and profiles/photos and decided LT was for me!

I feel excellent today!

Good Luck, you're doin fabby!:D

Lisa xx
Almost the end of day 3 and I am feeling really well! I ventured to Asda this evening and was salivating as I strolled past the fish counter and the rotisserie, but I haven't acted on it, but I am obsessing about the smell of cheese on toast with lashing of brown sauce!

My jeans are feeling quite baggy, which is nice and really looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday!
Just wanted to pop in and wish you well on your diet journey although you sound sooo positive and determined I don't think you need it. Well done on getting through the toughest bit and YEAH for the K fairy!

Thanks Porgeous!

I really appreciate your comments, I am definately feeling inspired and I think I suit LT as taking food out the equation is actually easier for me to manage......Forbidden Fruit and all that! I feel I can really do this!

I am still cooking for my hubby and kids, but they have very different tastebuds to me, so it has been easier than I thought....so hopefully onwards and downwards on scales!

Lisa xx


Silver Member
jesus lads
today was so hard for me.really hungry all day didnt think id make it,went to the cinema,the smell of popcorn nearly sent me over the edge,then some handsome divil sits beside me with a thing of nacho s and cheese,couldnt take my eyes off his food,bet he never had that complaint before,im sure every other normal girl was checkin him out lol how sad.so i went head first into the bag and took out my sweetners lol,never thought id ever touch them i used to hate them,now LOVIN them.couldnt get enough.talk about desperate measures,well i made it,better go to bed the dogs dinner is even apealing to me right now xx

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