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Bel's Belly Busting

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Kittima, 5 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Kittima

    Kittima Member

    Hello to anyone reading. I'm new to posting but have been dieting for what seems like forever, gaining and losing the same 7lbs for the last three years. I am now so sick of how bad my stomach looks that I am starting a diary here to keep myself accountable and help me stick to SW.
    I will be doing this from home (putting the £5 in a money box each week for target shopping trip) so will appreciate any words of wisdom and encouragement anyone has.

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  3. Kittima

    Kittima Member

    Day one done and dusted. I tried to take full advantage of the unlimited pasta last night but was so full with veg that I couldn't eat much, hopefully this is a good omen for things to come.
    I have made a tentative target of 147lbs but have no idea how realistic that is or if I will feel differently as the weight starts to come off but at 1lb per week my target date will be 4th September next year. I have decided to weigh on Fridays so this week will be a short one but I hope to have lost something if I am 100%.
    I intend to buy a lucky dip euro ticket any Friday that I lose more than my 1lb target, so my fiendishly cunning plan is to lose weight and become a millionaire!
  4. Kittima

    Kittima Member

    So I have weighed in for the first time after four days and am down 5 lbs! I am so, so pleased. I now have to not do my usual trick of rewarding myself with food and going back up again.

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