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Bernard Matthews Turkey Ham isn't free any more?!


Nojo on the YoYo
Sorry dude.

It's 1 syn for 100g on red, 5 syns for 100g on green.

1 syn ain't the end of the world and all that, but I got some thinking it was free from Asda today and it niggled me that the Slimming World awards jobbie had gone from the packaging. So I looked it up.

SYNS!!! >:eek:
Damn those SW people..... Damn oh Damn Oh Damn them to abomination !!!!

( Phil lets out a cry of desperation)

Whats next... they will be syns on bloody lettuce LOL!

Phil x
They must have changed something about it then? WHY do people have to go changing stuff!


Nojo on the YoYo
dunno dudes, I think SW change the lowest level of fat content that can qualify for free food every now and then. That, combined with ever-changing foods messes up our syns counts for certain conveniece things.

I was talking here the other day about how corned beef, Campbell's Meatballs and tinned mac and cheese used to be free, it was great! Not any more. BOOOOO!!!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Hahaha, I remember the days of tinned mac and cheese- I can't stomach the stuff anymore cos I used to eat it all the time. I did get to target eating like that though so it can't be that bad!!

And on the note of Campbells Meatballs, the very first class I ever went to was so demotivating as the consultant was HUGE but then she did used to talk about eating cold Campbells meatballs from the tin while waiting on her dinner to cook! I switched class soon after.


Nojo on the YoYo
hahaha brilliant. I had a WW consultant who used to go on about starving yourself all day then eating fish and chips every night. MAAADNESS!

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