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Bernice, spyro & julie's xmas countdown

lmao, i could have read this first before i posted on the other thread!! duh lol,

omg, what are we all like?! right girls. this is it. we are going to be good. we will not take each others excuses. we are paying out at least £100 a month and its not worth it if we keep cheating all the time. we have got to be good. i think its time for some serious 'but' kicking!!!
£100 a month = whats the point if we are cheating?!
we have no excuses, we quite simply shouldnt be eating food. there is no need to stuff our faces on this diet!!
we all need to up our water intake. (i know mine has dropped!)
we need to think of each other spitting in our food if we are tempted! yuk lol.
we are never going to be skinny minnies if we keep cheating.
come on girls. we can do this.
add your revolting turn offs for food and thoughts below.
its time to knuckle down and get 'well ard' lol,
I agree 110%. I will give the revolting putting you off your food ideas some thought. I also feel very good today and yes it's shameful that we can all justify spending £100 a month on something we are all not doing properly. Onwards and upwards Girls............today is the first day of the rest of our lives!!!!! xxxx
............well so far so good. I went for my morning walk and called in for a coffee at the table top sale in the village, there were plenty of scrummy cakes on offer but I resisted. Feeling rather pleased with myself I walked home. Only have to show the same resolve this evening and my first 100% day for a long time will be under my belt. xxxx
well done bernice. i also managed 100% yesterday. walked about 5 miles in the snow doing the school runs and then i went to asda so i got my workout in lmao :D
here's to another day at honking ;)
we ARE going to do this :)


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I have been really good again today despite having some really upsetting news. Last year in September we were away on holiday in Barbados and my lovely dog who was only 3 died. She had an op and got septecimea. I was devastated but a little local dog moved in with me...........I don't believe in god really but I felt she was sent to comfort me. Today I heard that she was killed yesterday by a Pitbull. I am beside myself I just can't believe that it has happened. I guess she is with my Lily now somewhere. xxxx:cry:
i am so sorry for you. i lost my doggy over the summer so i know how awful it feels. just think they'll be frolicking around together now chewing on a bone. my thoughts are with you. x
yay well done. keep up the good work :D
just writing my xmas food shopping list. my mouth is watering and i have to cook 2 full works dinners. one for xmas day and one for boxing day. not moaning as i love it :D


I will never give up
ok i was having a blonde moment i actually havnt checked the latest posts on the main forum for a few days and just check my subscribed i wandered what you meant julie by our own thread. duh lol. anyway day 2 and im 100% again so have honked already i felt a headache coming on earlier so bring on ketosis. well i feel so privilidged bernice (if thats how you spell it lol) we have our own countdown. how are you both anyway?
.................GOOD GOOD GOOD we are all here now!!!!! I am doing great today, I have the headache too so maybe ketosis is just around the corner. Well done you two ladies we are right on track. xxxx


I will never give up
morning all day 3 for me and 4 for you 2. hope all is well. are any of you in ketosis yet? day 3 for me is the hardest so i will be extra strong today and fight my way to a honk.
.............I have never heard of de carb tablets!!!!!!!!!!! Where can I get them from please? I am not in ketosis yet:cry:but feel it is not far off. A huge pat on the back to you two, I think that having this thread is a real help to keep us on the straight & narrow. Hope that you both have another good day. :eek:


I will never give up
Ive ordered the de carb tabs but am waiting for them in the post and theyre taking even longer cos the snow. Ahh.
Bernice theyre 30 pound in holland and barrett and about £12.50 on ebay.

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