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  1. mechmanuk

    mechmanuk johnboy

    Hello, ive recently started looking at meal replacement shakes and finding it difficult (WITHOUT SPENDING LOTS OF HARD EARNED) to find a decent tasting shake.
    Ive tried 3 at the moment and to be fair theyre not very good tbh, even the missus agreed.
    There must be some really good tasty shakes out there, so im asking could u kind people post here with your shakes if u consider them worthy. Thanks

    PS: Im looking for replacements with low carbs only :)
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  3. sam_watkins1990

    sam_watkins1990 Full Member


    Which shakes have you tried?

    I did lighterlife when I was 16 and they were awful, I find the Cambridge ones just as bad now as well.

    Have tried exante which aren't bad and then slim and save which I have been on now for a week. I find their porridge very similar to real porridge and that has been my saviour plus I think it is one of the cheaper options out there right now.
  4. mechmanuk

    mechmanuk johnboy

    ive tried proteinworks and gonutrision and another (forgot name) but they were all rank tbh
  5. sam_watkins1990

    sam_watkins1990 Full Member

    I think it depends on what you want from the shakes? If it is just protein then there is one called herbalife and I think they do a protein one but haven't tried it or of it's for weight loss
  6. mechmanuk

    mechmanuk johnboy

    hi, sorry forgot to say weightloss. Not sure what the costs are for herbalife
  7. sam_watkins1990

    sam_watkins1990 Full Member

    I haven't tried it so not sure on pricing but they do have a website so it might be worth looking at and seeing if it seems any diff to the ones you have tried.

    I don't think shakes and VLCD will ever taste good but they do have the benefit of quicker results. So I think it's about weighing up what's most important, time it takes to reach your goal or the taste of what you are having.

    I don't really like the shakes and it is a struggle but I'm on holiday in four months and so wanted a quick fix.
  8. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Hi, With all meal replacement shakes & soups the taste and texture improves if you let them stand for 5 mins after mixing and then mix again so you may find the ones you have already tried would improve if you try this.

    It is important that your shake or soup etc has all your vitamins, minerals & fatty acids to make sure you are getting good nutrition as you lose weight.

    Good luck with your quest and I hope you find some shakes that work well for you.
  9. mechmanuk

    mechmanuk johnboy

    Hi and thanks for posting, i am actually taking one at the moment that is really nice and will take some beating, the problem is its expensive hence trying others and yes i understand the minerals etc need to be there, gonna try herbalife next :)
  10. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    I'm glad you have found some that you like, shame about the price though, good luck with your weightloss :)
  11. amanda30ronan

    amanda30ronan Full Member

    I have to say phd diet whey is the best shake ive tasted , u only mix it with water and it tastes fine , better than any other I have tried
  12. I've almost tried them all (shake diets)
    And my favorite is slim and save, their chocolate shake actually tastes like chocolate, their lemon yoghurt bar is really nice. Their meals are also better than other I've tried.

    I've discovered a new shake doesn't called 'Shake that weight' it appears to be the cheapest of them all, has soups and shakes and from what I've heard they are just as tasty but a lot cheaper.
    Slim and save allows you to have coke zero, chewing gum, milk.

    Shake that weight allows you to have fruit as a snack.

  13. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    The tesco meal replacement shakes and smoothies are 3 boxes for £10 at the moment with 10 meals in each I like them but my husband doesn't I find them nice after they have sat for 3-5 mins and shake again I like the mango one you mix with orange juice instead of milk x
  14. amanda30ronan

    amanda30ronan Full Member

    oooo I think I might take a little trip to tescos tomoro !!! ty bridgee have u lost a lot of weight on these ?
  15. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    I've been doing it around or just over a week but I'm scared of stepping on the scales haha! My clothes feel lighter on me though so that's a good sign. I've got flu at the moment and I always retain loads of water when I'm ill because I drink water like mad when I'm feeling rubbish - feel like if the scales haven't moved it's 90% chance it's water retention but I will be down heartened lol xx
  16. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    The KeeDiet for me, shakes are delicious and have about 10 flavours. I did cambs as my first VLCD and really loved their Choco Mint, hated the soups though. Must say Kee Soups are much better, they have a bundle offer 100 Mealpacks for £100 if that helps :)
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