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Best place too buy ww foods?


Zumba Mad Mummy & Wife
i usually shop in tesco as its my local but now and again i do like to go to asda and sainsbury for something different ! ..... i like the minced beef potato topped pie (so its mince in pastry case then potato on the top) but tesco don't do that so i usually go to asda for that (can't remember if sainsbury do it as not been there in a while, was thinking about going there today)

but if you want cheapest i think iceland is meant to be the cheapest place to buy the meals.

i must admit i tend to go for tesco light choices meals instead of WW ones as i find them nicer and usually cheaper (and bigger but then they are higher in pp)
Iceland used to do quite a bit, but I was disappointed on a recent trip to my local when I found the choice more limited than usual.

Have found my local Poundland to be very good - do crisps in various flavours, crackers, cakes, biscuits, bagels (but steer clear of the cup cake mix if you go in there). Can be hit and miss - they'll have one thing one week but not the next, but I never come out empty handed!


Zumba Mad Mummy & Wife
Ohhh thank you will have too go and have a look :)
ohh yeah poundland are good, i brought loads in there the other week :D


Zumba Mad Mummy & Wife
Thank you :) Ive also just found out the Asda good for you food is pro pointed :O didnt know this but will be checking it out tomorrow!!! x
It's crazy how much it varies fro one store to the next! I usually shop in asda and the one I go to has a good selection. Right now the newish ww snack pots are 2 for £4 I think in sainsburys a friend told me. Always go to poundland for a bargain. Marks and Spencer also have pp values on their healthy range, and morrisons. Really handy!

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